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Tiger will finally speak

Tiger Woods, who has been in hiding for the past three months, will speak publicly for the first time tomorrow, marking the beginning of what his agent calls “the process of making amends.”  What does this mean for the golf legend with the once squeaky-clean image?  Frank Shorr, professor of sports journalism and director of the […]

What’s next for Tiger?

Corporate sponsors are taking the Tiger Woods’ episode as a chance to rethink the value they may be getting for celebrity endorsers.  Meantime, public-relations Professor Peter Morrissey, an expert in reputation management, says Tiger has to wait for this to bottom out and avoid the tendancy to act like a victim. “History will record if […]

Tiger’s endorsments iffy

Some of Tiger Woods’ endorsers are sticking with him, some are bailing out, and others are waiting to see if the firestorm hits them.  Advertising Professor Chris Cakebread, who teaches sports marketing, says much will depend on how much the advertisers feel “trust” is significant in their pitching Tiger. “Tiger was a trustworthy spokesperson for […]

Tiger’s image rehabilitation

Tiger Woods has avoided the public since the Nov. 27 SUV crash at his home, even though he’s become a staple of newscasts and late-night comedy put-downs.  PR Professor Peter Morrissey, a crisis-communication expert who worked on the Tylenol case, suggests Tiger must carefully pick his public appearances, take care of family matters, don’t blame the […]

Tiger’s reputation management

Golf superstar Tiger Woods took responsibility for the nighttime SUV accident in which he suffered minor injuries.  But because he declined to speak with police, speculation erupted about what “really” happened.  Prof. Peter Morrissey, a PR reputation-management expert, says Woods’ reputation could be severely damaged if something comes out that he was hiding. “The news […]