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Cameron new British P.M.

Conservative Party leader David Cameron is the new British Prime Minister — at 43, the youngest in nearly 200 years.  Cameron took over after Labour Party leader Gordon Brown resigned, his party having been unable to form a coalition government with the smaller Liberal Democrat party after none of the three won a Parliamentary majority in last […]

Brit elections stalemated

And the winner is … no one.  The most tightly contested British Parliamentary election in a generation has ended in the first stalemate since 1974, with no party winning an outright majority of seats that would enable it to choose a prime minister and form a ruling government.  Frantic efforts are being made to shape some […]

British election showdown

The month-long British elections are in the homestretch headed for Thursday’s vote after a furious weekend of campaigning by Prime Minister Gordon Brown (r.) of the Labour party, Conservative party leader David Cameron (l.), and and Nick Clegg (center) of the upstart Liberal Democrats. Political science Professor Graham Wilson, a native of Great Britain who is in […]

British election campaign at mid-point

At the mid-point of Britian’s month-long national election campaign, the upstart Liberal Democratic party’s prime-minister candidate Nick Clegg (center) is holding his own in first-ever TV debates with heads of the larger Labour (Gordon Brown, right) and Conservative (David Cameron, left) parties.  Political science Professor Graham Wilson, author of “Only in America? American Politics in Comparative Perspective” […]

Brits launch (brief) election campaign

With the Queen agreeing to dissolve parliament, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (right)  announced a May 6 election date and England’s one-month campaign season is officially under way.  Political science Professor Graham Wilson, author of “Only in America? American Politics in Comparative Perspective” (and a Brit himself), expects an exciting, unpredictable election. “The economic events of […]

Global bank tax coming?

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown predicts a global bank tax may by enacted as soon as this summer at the G-20 meeting of economic powers.  Law Professor Daniel Berman, director of the Graduate Tax Program and a former U.S. Treasury deputy international tax counsel, says establishing such a tax could be harder than it sounds. “When I […]

Bad time for politics in England

After revelations of overblown expense accounts by members of Parliment and the resignations of several top cabinet ministers from P.M. Gordon Brown’s Labor government, Britain’s political system is hurting on election day today.  College of Communication Associate Dean Tobe Berkovitz, a political communications expert teaching in BU’s London program, can put the English mess into […]