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Copenhagen boycott ended

Poor nations ended their boycott of the global environment talks in Copenhagen on being assured rich countries aren’t softening their commitments to cutting greenhouse gases.  Professor Adil Najam, director of the Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, is with a delegation of BU students at the Copenhagen talks.  Najam, an author of […]

No historic agreement at G-8 summit on cutting greenhouse gas emissions

Leaders at the Group of Eight summit meeting  failed to make a breakthrough to cut in half the global production of greenhouse gases by 2050 as India and China claimed an unfair burden when their economies are growing rapidly. But Adil Najam, co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and a BU professor of international relations,  […]

Senate fight over “cap-n-trade”

The upcoming Senate battle over President Obama’s climate-change bill will center on the “cap-and-trade” system to allow trading of pollution permits as emission levels are increasingly tightened.  Energy risk-management expert Mark T. Williams, who teaches finance in the School of Management, says not to expect Senate approval until the economy rebounds and there’s a stronger […]

Widespread public support for greenhouse gas rules

A Washington Post-ABC News survey shows that 75% of Americans back federal government regulations on the release of greenhouse gases from power plants, cars and factories to reduce global warming. Cutler Cleveland, Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, knows the issues as Congress prepares to vote on climate change legislation. Cutler Cleveland, […]