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Obama may get financial reform, too

On the heels of his getting a health-care reform bill through Congress (with no GOP votes), President Obama this week may get the financial-services reform package which largely reflects the administration’s original blueprint.  Political science Professor Graham Wilson, author of “Business and Politics,” says this could only make the president look good. “If Obama gets this […]

Healthcare bill to Obama’s desk

President Obama said it was answering “the call to history” when the House passed the Senate’s version of healthcare reform and sent the bill to his desk for signing.  Political Science Professor Graham Wilson, author of “Only in America? American Politics in Comparative Perspective,” says GOP unity in opposition shows how far right the party has moved on […]

Last-ditch healthcare reform bid

President Obama is making a final effort to get the public to push Congress to pass healthcare reform, bashing the insurance industry for predatory pricing practices.  School of Management Professor Stephen Davidson, author of “Still Broken: Understandng the U.S. Healthcare System,” says the facts are on the side of reform, but the White House hasn’t […]

After the healthcare “summit”

With President Obama’s ballyhooed healthcare “summit” with Republicans over, political science Professors Graham Wilson and Douglas Kriner offered their takes on what it all means (or doesn’t). WILSON: “The session showed that there are differences that can’t be bridged. But in purely political terms, neither the President not the Democrats can afford to be seen to […]

Health premiums rising

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has issued a report warning of double-digit increases coming in health insurance premiums.  School of Management Professor Stephen Davidson, author of “Still Broken: Understanding the U.S. Healthcare System,” says if the report was released to highlight the need for reform, then the administration is right on. “The […]

Healthcare reform update

With President Obama inviting Congressional Republicans to a Feb. 25 summit in hopes of reviving healthcare reform legislation, political jockeying is under way.  House GOP leaders say they may boycott unless the bills that passed both Democrat-controlled chambers are scrapped.  School of Management Professor Stephen Davidson, author of “Still Broken: Understanding the U.S. Healthcare System” says the […]

What next for healthcare reform?

GOP Congressional leaders, enboldened by their Senate win in Massachusetts, are pushing Democrats to start over on efforts to reform the healthcare system.  In an opinion piece in Politico, history Professor Bruce Schulman says House Dems should take a page from FDR history on how Social Security was created and just pass the Senate bill. “Passing the […]

Healthcare reform endangered

With passage of healthcare reform endangered with Democrats losing their 60th vote in the Senate, even the insurance industry is worried about where they’ll get future customers.  School of Management Professor Stephen Davidson, author of “Still Broken: Understanding the U.S. Health Care System,” says in a New York Times letter-to-the-editor that citizen anger over the healthcare […]

Senate compromise on “public option”

Senate Democratic leaders have a tentative compromise on the “public option” part of the healthcare-reform bill which might be able to garner enough votes to get the whole package passed.  Professor Alan Cohen, who heads BU’s Health Policy Institute, thinks it’s smart to offer private plans under the auspices of the federal-employee health program and […]

Senate Finance okays healthcare bill

With only one Republican voting yea, the Senate Finance Committee has approved its healthcare-reform bill and the deal making should begin in earnest to meld it with a more liberal version from another committee.  School of Management Professor Stephen Davidson, author of “In Urgent Need of Reform: Saving the U.S. Healthcare System,” says the Finance […]