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SCOTUS slaps down NFL

In a unanimous vote, the Supreme Court denied the National Football League its goal of broad protection from antitrust suits.  The high court ruled on a case involving a license for making souvenir caps and sent to back to a lower court to further consideration allegations by a smaller company that challenged the league’s 10-year […]

Nike denies Vick re-sign

Despite what his agent said, NFL quarterback Michael Vick has not re-signed an endorsment deal with Nike, which had dumped Vick two year ago following his arrest for bankrolling a dog-fighting ring.  College of Communication Professor Chris Cakebread, who teaches sports marketing and advertising, says the risk to Nike is minimal one way or the […]

Brett Farve, 40 Year Old Phenom

School of Education Professor and Sports Psychologist Len Zaichkowsky has his own theory on why NFL quarterback Brett Farve decided not to retire: “..this is what he knows, he’s a football player, a professional quarterback, and he knows he’s one of the best” and what it will take for Favre to finally leave the game: […]

“Raise a turkey leg” to Madden’s TV retirement

Sports journalism Professor Frank Shorr, director of the Buston University Sports Institute, says fans will miss Hall of Fame coach John Madden as he retires from the NFL broadcast booth. “John Madden will always have a special place in the hearts of New England football fans.  With his hair flowing and arms raised, what Patriot […]