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Report: Burma developing nuke

Smuggled evidence shows Burma’s military rulers are secretly acquiring components for a nuclear weapons program, though it appears the impoverished nation is many years away from developing an actual bomb.  Political science Professor Joseph Wippl, a 30-year career CIA officer, says the report developed by the dissident group Democratic Voice of Burma, again shows the need […]

Obama rethinking nuke policy

The White House reportedly is rethinking the nation’s nuclear weapons strategy to aim at permanently reducing the U.S. arsenal while rejecting swear-no-first-use proposals.  Attorney Philip O’Neill, author of “Verification in an Age of Insecurity” and who teaches national security law at BU Law, says this nuclear review should be the time and place for a […]

Iran’s nuke dilemma

With international atomic energy officials still dickering with Iran over Iran’s uranium-enrichment program, international relations Professor Augustus Richard Norton, in a Q&A with BU Today, says that given the political realities in the United States it’s going to be difficult to deter the Iranians from what they’re doing. “If I were advising the president on […]