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From Nutrition Professor Joan Salge Blake:

“While genes play a role in determining your body weight, it’s just one piece of the weight management puzzle. The incidences of obesity among Americans have more than doubled since the 1980s, and it can’t be due to a change in genetic makeup during this short time period. Rather, it’s more likely due to the […]

From Nutrition Professor Joan Salge Blake:

“Your busy schedule may be wreaking havoc with your health. Not surprisingly, a study of young adults in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association observed that “eating on-the-run” was associated with a higher consumption of soft drinks, fast food, fat, and saturated fat, and less healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits, and veggies.” […]

Is the food in your refrigerator safe?

According to Nutrition Professor and healthy eating expert Joan Salge Blake, September (National Food Safety Month) is a good time to take a look in your fridge to determine what’s safe.   Salge Blake also encourages consumers to take this brief food safety quiz administered by the FDA.  She can be reached at (978) 436-0341 or salgeblake@comcast.net.

The Freshman 15: Fact or Fiction

Nutrition professor and healthy eating expert Joan Salge Blake suggests that research to support the “Freshman 15” is minimal, and that a 15 pound weight-gain is not inevitable for college freshman. Salge Blake says “Some research suggests that the Freshman 15 is a myth as weight gain didn’t occur at all or didn’t occur in […]

From Nutrition Professor Joan Salge Blake:

Nutrition Professor and healthy eating expert Joan Salge Blake claims that a recent PETA advertisement which includes an obese women with the caption “Save the whales. Lose the blubber: Go Vegetarian” not only “misses the boat when motivating Americans to lose weight, but also is not accurate.” Salge Blake’s Truth About Vegetarianism: “A vegetarian diet […]

From Nutrition Professor Joan Salge Blake:

Nutrition professor Joan Salge Blake suggests that lobster is both healthy and currently, cost-effective. She encourages consumers to purchase lobster while the price is reasonable. Salge Blake’s Health Tip of the Day: “A one pound lobster will serve up only about 3 ounces of meat (perfect portion) for less than 85 calories, only 0.5 grams […]

New Online Component of Sargent Choice is Launched

Sargent College has introduced a new phase of the unique and innovative nutrition program for students, faculty and staff in order to enhance the Sargent Choice Healthy Dining Program. The program has expanded to include nutrition counseling, interactive nutrition classes, and a new website. The Sargent Choice website links all of the programs together, making […]

From Nutrition Professor Joan Salge Blake:

Nutrition professor Joan Salge Blake suggests that sweet treats can be both healthy and satisfying.  In a recent interview with WebMD, Salge Blake said that “Fruit is naturally sweet, abundant this time of year, super nutritious, and everyone loves it.” Salge Blake’s Sweet Treat Tip of the Day: “Take a carton of Yoplait Whips and […]

U.S. recession undermines kid’s health

Caroline Apovian, M.D., BU School of Medicine associate professor of medicine and pediatrics, can discuss how tough economic times are having an impact on children as struggling parents turn to cheap fast food to feed their families. Contact Dr. Caroline Apovian, 617-414-1816, capovian@bu.edu

New MA Menu Rules

According to Reuters, Massachusetts is expected to unveil the toughest restaurant menu labeling rules in the United States today, requiring fast-food chains to list how many calories are in the food they sell in a bid to combat obesity.  For comment, please contact Nutritionist and Healthy Eating Expert Joan Salge Blake at (978) 436-0341(cell) or […]