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The G-8 agenda

As President Obama joins the leaders of the world’s top eight economies at the G-8 summit in Italy, the success of this gathering is already being debated.  The world economy and climate change are top agenda items the leaders will tackle.  Available to dicuss what kind of outcome we can expect from the G-8 is Kevin P. Gallagher, professor of […]

Hospitals, White House near deal

With an announcement expected Wednesday, major hospital associations and the White House are hammering out a $150 million cost-saving deal to help finance the U.S. healthcare system.  School of Management Professor Stephen Davidson, author of “In Urgent Need of Reform; Saving the U.S. Healthcare System,” can offer insight into the ongoing Congressional healthcare reform battle. […]

Obama to discuss Iran/North Korea

With President Obama set to address the questions surrounding his handling of recent threats to our nation’s foreign and domestic policy, political expert Thomas Whalen is available for analysis. Contact Thomas Whalen, 617-353-4785, tjw64@bu.edu

Iran’s disputed election

What does the continued political unrest in Iran mean for U.S. diplomacy in the region?   Ambassador Charles Dunbar, a professor of international relations who began his diplomatic career in Iran during the 1960s, says in a  BU Today Q&A, “We need to pursue the policies that Obama had begun to pursue, including the concession he made that we would be willing […]

International Relations prof. William Keylor comments on Iran crisis

Obama and the Middle East

President Obama’s trip to the Middle East this week is a chance to change the political dynamic of U.S. relations in that region.  College of Communication Professor Linda Killian, director of the BU Washington Center and a senior scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center, says Obama’s message to Muslims should mix sensitivity and tough love.  […]

International Relations professor William Keylor on N. Korea

The state of national-security law

President Obama and former Vice President Chaney’s back-to-back speeches on national security highlight the contentious nature of post-9/11, post-Bush national security law.  School of Law lecturer Philip O’Neill, Jr., who teaches national security law and is the author of “National Security and the Legal Process,” can put the debate in context. Contact Philip O’Neill, Jr., […]

Obama has change of heart on GITMO

Looks like President Obama has decided to bring back the military tribunals used by the former Bush administration to prosecute terror suspects.  Political expert Thomas Whalen and long time GITMO watcher Michael Corgan have been following the story. Contact Thomas Whalen, 617-353-4785, tjw64@bu.edu Contact Michael Corgan, 617-353-3553, mcorgan@bu.edu

International Relations professor William Keylor on Obama’s 100 days in Iraq