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U.S. urges Mideast peace talks

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has asked the Israeli prime minister and Palestinian president to resume peace talks which have been on hold for two years.  She said direct negotiations will begin in Washington on Sept. 2.  Journalism Professor Bob Zelnick, former ABC News foreign correspondent and author of “Israeli Unilateralism: Beyond Gaza,” says in a Politico commentary that […]

Top Israeli aid badmouth’s peace talks

Uzi Arad (r.), Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s national security adviser, says the outlook is bleak for U.S.-mediated Middle East peace talks.  International relations and anthropology Professor Augustus Richard Norton, author of “Hezbollah: A Short History,” says the former Mossad agent’s comments offer a window into the strategic calculations of the Israeli government, calculations which continue […]

Bibi and Barack have first face-to-face

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to put a priority on Iran’s nuclear ambitions when he meets today with President Obama, an indication that Palestinian statehood, backed by the U.S. but not endorsed by Netanyahu, can wait.  College of Communication Professor Robert Zelnick, a former long-time ABC News correspondent in the Middle East, can offer […]