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Israeli flotilla raid condemned

After the UN Security Council condemned Israel’s open-seas raid on a flotilla headed with humanitarian aid to Gaza, Israel says the 600-plus activists it arrested are being freed and expelled from the country.  Law Professor Robert Sloane, an authority on international law, says Israel violated a very basic customary norm of international law: the freedom of […]

Obama cool to Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu got a cool reception from the Obama White House, as a dispute over new housing settlements in East Jerusalem continues to roil U.S.-Israeli relations.  International Relations Professor Augustus Richard Norton, a Middle-East authority, says in his blog that Netanyahu operates within an ideology that basically rejects a two-state solution with the Palestinians […]

Israel says no to Gaza inquiry

Israel has dismissed the UN fact-finding mission’s recommendation that the Israeli government launch an independent investigation into “serious violations” of international law during last year’s war in Gaza.  Journalism Professor Bob Zelnick, a former ABC News Middle East correspondent and author of “Israeli Unilateralism: Beyond Gaza,” says the UN report authored by South African jurist […]

Bibi backs two-state, with caveats

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has finally accepted the goal of a Palestinian state, but with so many caveats that the Palestinians may not want to talk about it.  College of Communication journalism Professor Robert Zelnick, a former ABC News Middle East correspondent, can discuss the possible impact of this latest move. Contact Robert Zelnick, 617-353-5007, […]

U.S.-Israel settlements rift widens

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are pressing Israel to freeze the building of settlements on Israel’s West Bank.  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu insists any freeze would only be part of an end-game peace solution with the Palestinian government.  College of Communication journalism Professor Robert Zelnick, a former ABC News Middle East correspondent and […]

Netanyahu promises peace effort

Journalism Professor Robert Zelnick, author of “Israeli Unilateralism: Beyond Gaza“ and former ABC News correspondent, says that the Israeli Labor Party joining the coalition with Israeli PM-designate Benjamin Netanyahu’s party means Netanyahu has an opportunity to make peace with the Palestinians. “The accord with Labor gives Netanyahu some flexibility to deal with both U.S. peacemaker George Mitchell and Palestinian negotiators […]

Build on Bush’s Middle East Progress

Journalism Professor Robert Zelnick, former ABC News correspondent, a Hoover Institute fellow, and author of “Israeli Unilateralism: Beyond Gaza,” says Obama should build on Bush’s Middle East progress.  With Secretary of State Clinton in the region, Zelnick suggests in the Christian Science Monitor how this can be done. “If (U.S. special envoys George Mitchell and Dennis Ross) can […]