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Trade School Enrollment Skyrocketing

Trade schools specializing in everything from the cosmetology to radiologics are finding their enrollment growing during the economic downturn.  Enrollees, schools are discovering, are nearly twice the age of the typical enrolled student; schools believe they are professionals looking for a career change.  Dean Jay Halfond, of BU’s Metropolitan College, can discuss these recent surges […]

Eating healthy should not be an financial decision

Convenient and inexpensive health foods like the potato and canned veggies are making a comeback in the current economic climate.  Public Health Officials here in the US are encouraging people to lo0k for cheaper alternatives to the mixed green-based diet people maintained before the recession.  Registered Dietition and nutrition professor Joan Salge Blake can offer […]

Advertising bargains in a recession

Advertising Professor Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of the College of Communication, says the recession means there are plenty of bargains to be had for advertising buyers, except on bona fide hits on broadcast and cable TV. “There is a glut of media options, so the supply-demand chain favors advertisers rather than the media.  Digital and […]

Global recession, not OPEC, setting oil prices

School of Management finance Professor Mark T. Williams, an expert on energy risk management, says the global recession has overtaken the ability of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to set oil prices, which will be reflected in next week’s OPEC meeting in Vienna. “The global recession has put significant downward pressure on oil demand, […]