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Royal Dutch Shell’s PR problem

Even after agreeing to pay $15.5 million to settle suits accusing them of human-rights abuses in Nigeria, the Royal Dutch Shell oil company still has a major PR problem there.  College of Communication Professor Peter Morrissey, a reputation-management expert who helped Johnson & Johnson in the Tylenol case, has some suggestions for Shell — including naming […]

Rehabbing GM’s reputation

Slipping into bankruptcy reorganization at Uncle Sam’s financial gunpoint, GM has a serious reputation problem to overcome.  College of Communcation public relations Professor Peter Morrissey, an expert on reputation management (helped J&J on the Tylenol case) thinks GM is capable of regaining its “fierce customer loyalty” that made it the world’s leading automaker. Contact Peter […]

Managing Craigslist’s Reputation

College of Communication Professor Peter Morrissey, a veteran reputation-management expert whose clients included Johnson & Johnson during the Tylenol case, says Craigslist managing its reputation in light of the “Craigslist murder” case is tricky. “As far as Craigslist’s reputation goes, they need to be seen as being on the side of the law.  They are […]