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Fallout from Russian spy-ring bust

Even as his government acknowledged that its citizens were among the 11 people that U.S. authorities charged were part of a long-running spy operation, Russian Prime Minister Putin criticized U.S. law enforcement for busting up the espionage ring.  International relations Professor Joseph Wippl, a 30-year CIA veteran, says Russia has continued a robust intelligence collection […]

Booze crackdown in Russia

The Russian government wants to use price controls and a crackdown on bootlegged vodka to cut that nation’s “colossal drinking” by 72 percent over the next decade.  International relations and sociology Professor Walter Connor, a Russian politics expert who once ran the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, says such a cultural turn-around will be tough. […]

EU, Turkey sign gas pipeline deal

Aimed at cutting Europe’s reliance on energy from Russia, Turkey and five European Union nations today signed a landmark agreement to run a gas pipeline from the Caspian Sea area to Europe via Turkey.  Energy risk-management expert Mark T. Williams, who teaches finance in the School of Management, can discuss what this could mean for […]