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SXSW Day Four: Felicia Day on the power of niche communities

If anyone understands the power of a niche audience, it’s Felicia Day. From her involvement in various sci-fi television and movie projects, to co-starring in Joss Whedon’s cult Web hit “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” to ultimately building the wildly successful Web series “The Guild” on the donations of viewers, Day has experienced firsthand the influence […]

SXSW Day Three: Christopher Poole on the benefits of anonymity online

Disclaimer: Because some of the content on 4chan.org is of a considerably adult or crude nature, I’ve chosen not to link directly to the site. For the sensitive souls in the bunch, I’d advise doing some additional reading on 4chan before deciding to visit. -J. What makes an online community grow, evolve and thrive? Christopher […]

SXSW Day Two: Seth Priebatsch on the decade of the game layer

In Seth Priebatsch’s highly anticipated keynote, the SCVNGR founder discussed how the game layer is poised to change the way we interact with brands and each other over the next decade. Referring to Facebook’s implementation of Open Graph protocol, Priebatsch noted our advantage as we stand at the beginnings of location-based services — we have […]

SXSW Day One: Fireside Chat with Tim O’Reilly, interviewed by Jason Calacanis

Day one at South by Southwest has come to a close, and I already have some important things to think about. I’ve heard Tim O’Reilly talk about the direction of Web 3.0 and what he would do if he were President. I’ve listened to a lively discussion on the fundamental rights of users on social […]

Live from SXSW Interactive 2011: Introduction & Preview

What does the future of technology, social media and the Web look like? What are the trends and tools we should be mindful of in 2011? How can we separate the helpful from the hype? Most of all, how can we use this information to our benefit here at Boston University? I’ve just arrived in […]