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From Joan Salge Blake:

In response to a recent article in AdAge magazine reporting that the Spanish government is planning to ban some diet and beauty TV Ads before 10 PM: “This is a terrific first step in easing the constant visual reminders of the unrealistic, body weight often portrayed in the media and viewed by young, vulnerable individuals […]

ESPN going 3D

Come June and soccer’s World Cup, ESPN will launch what it says will be the first all three-dimensional TV network to homes.  Other 3D offerings from ESPN will include the Summer X Games, some NBA games, and college basketball and football.  Sports journalism Professor Frank Shorr, director of the BU Sports Institute, says it was inevitable. […]

Digital TV conversion (really)

Television signals convert from analog to digital on Friday, in the switch-over that originally was planned for February but delayed by the FCC because too many Americans were unprepared.  College of Communication Professor T. Barton Carter, an FCC expert, can discuss the whys and wherefores about the historic conversion. Contact T. Barton Carter, 617-353-3482, comlaw@bu.edu