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Is “cheap” worth it?

America has a fixation with discount retail prices, and it’s costing us.  College of Communication Professor Ellen Ruppel Shell, who explores the history, science, psychology, economics, and societal implications of low prices in her new book, “Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture,” discusses the subject in a TIME magazine Q&A. Contact Ellen Ruppel Shell, 617-353-5973, […]

Wal-Mart backs key healthcare reform

In a surprise that “flabbergasted” the National Retail Federation, Wal-Mart says it backs President Obama’s plan to force employers to provide health insurance to workers.  School of Management Professor Alan Cohen, executive director of the Health Policy Institute, can discuss what the endorsment by the nation’s largest private employer might mean for the healthcare reform […]

Wal-Mart pushing electronics

This week Wal-Mart is taking the fight to Best Buy and Amazon (as Circuit City fades away) by upgrading the electronics departments in its 3,500 stores across the country.  School of Management marketing Professor Frederic Brunel says it’s a consequence of the ubiquitous nature of easy-to-install/operate consumer electronics. “This is self-service selling, and thus the […]