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White House after Rahm

President Obama announced that Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff, is leaving the office to run for mayor of Chicago. Political Science department chair Graham Wilson comments on the move. “This may be unkind, but it is tempting to link Emanuel to two crucial strategic errors – the belief that compromise and cooperation with the Republicans was […]

General summoned to White House

The commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal (r.), has been summoned to the White House to explain in person some controversial public remarks he made which were critical of the Obama administration.  Political science Professor Graham Wilson, author of “Only in America? American Politics in Comparative Perspective,” says presidential power […]

WH tells Dem consultant to nix Fox

The Los Angeles Times reports that a Democratic consultant was told by a White House official not to appear again on Fox News Channel, which the administration sees as a political opponent.  College of Communication Professor Tobe Berkovitz, a political communication expert, says if that’s true, then the White House doesn’t seem to believe that the public is best […]