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Northeast bats in danger of extinction

One of North America’s most common bat species, the so-called little brown bat, will be all but extinct in the Northeast in 20 years to due to an emerging fungal desease called White-Nose Syndrome. That’s the conclusion of a new study by Boston University biologists, including Professor Thomas Kunz and post-doctoral researcher Dr. Winifred Frick who authored the study […]

Seeking help from Congress to thwart disease that’s killing America’s bats

After learning how white-nose syndrome, a mysterious fungus that has killed more than 1 million hibernating bats and poses a serious threat to the nation’s wildlife, lawmakers at a Congressional hearing suggested the Dept. of Interior develop a new body to address wildlife diseases. Their comments came after biology professor Thomas Kunz, asked Congress for […]

Kunz to testify before Congress for White-Nose Syndrome research

The loss of one million cave-dwelling bats, from a devastating fungus known as White-Nose Syndrome, has led to a congressional inquiry. On June 4 biology professor and bat expert Thomas Kunz will testify and call for a national comprehensive research program to identify the cause of this disease. Contact Thomas Kunz, 617-353-2474, kunz@bu.edu