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About the Business Law Society

The Business Law Society provides students with the opportunity to pursue their interest in business law beyond the classroom. We host networking and speaking events aimed at bringing successful professionals to the Law School. We seek out opportunities to provide basic business law services in the community. We promote interaction and networking between various student groups and schools.

Sample Events

  • Transactional Law Conference
  • Firm Visits
  • 1L Summer: Working at a Firm or In-House

E-Board (2016-2017)

Rima Mahmoud: Co-President

Eric Popien: Co-President

Leo Greenberg: VP of External Relations

Zack Jenkins: VP of Operations

Yoamin Pan: VP of Finance

Emily Henderson: VP of Professional Development

Matthew Leibowitz: VP of Communications

Contact Information

Facebook BU Business Law Society
Twitter @BULawBusiness

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