Aceso Submissions

2014-2015 edition of ACESO submissions are due January 1, 2015.

Aceso: The Journal of the BUSM Historical Society is accepting submissions for next fall’s issue. We are looking for contributions in the fields of:

  • Medicine in Antiquity
  • History of Medicine, Public Health, and related fields
  • History of Medical Education
  • History of BUSM, BMC, and Boston City Hospital
  • History of Medicine in Boston and in Massachusetts
  • Biographical Essays
  • Ethics/Editorials
  • General Medical History
  • Book Reviews

If you have an interest in these topics, have a suggestion for another topic, or would like to write an article please contact us at: We can also suggest a topic for you.

For review articles, we suggest a minimum length of 1000 words. General articles should range from  2000 to 4000 words and feature articles can be up to 7000 words. Images and figures that are public domain or owned by the author are encouraged. Please use AMA Style formatting for all citations.

The journal is named for a Greek goddess, the daughter of Asclepius and sister of Panacea. Her name comes from the Greek word akéomai, which means “to heal.” She represented the act of the healing process itself. Unlike Panacea, she represented medicine from the patient’s side, a process that involved both the sick and the physician. Rather than a magic cure or fix, Aceso was more involved in overall care and a realization that healthcare took time (as opposed to Panacea, the magic cure).

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