Joining BUST

Hi Friends.

We need you to get these three things done if you are joining the team. The Season Pass Link is coming soon by email.

In order of importance:


-Only fill this out if you plan on paying dues within the next couple days

-This will only take a couple seconds, please do this now! Like the last email said, sorry about having two links, this one has two questions club sports wanted us to have added. If you filled out the old one you need to fill this one out too.



Club Dues-Go to MyFitrec:

-Under the “Adult Programs” drop down menu select “Sports”

-Search by “Club Sports”

-There you will find Club Snowboarding which is 95$.

-Please double check that you selected club snowboarding and then press add to cart. You should be prompted to log in and then it will take you to the checkout.



Health Forms- Athletic Screening, Incoming Health, and Consent to Treatment


1. Follow this link to access the Patient Connect system: the GREEN arrow labeled “Log on to Patient | Connect”

3. Agree to the Terms of Use; click “I agree to these terms of use.”

4. Login using your BU login and Kerberos password 5.  On the home screen, click “Forms” in the left-hand navigation bar.

6. Click the new athlete form. Complete the form, making sure to answer all questions and give descriptions to “YES” answers

8. Click “Submit Final” at the bottom. (You may also click “Save Partial” and complete at a later time).

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