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Joining BUST

Hi Friends. We need you to get these three things done if you are joining the team. The Season Pass Link is coming soon by email. In order of importance: RosterĀ  -Only fill this out if you plan on paying dues within the next couple days -This will only take a couple seconds, please do […]

BUST 2015-2016 first meeting recap (9/16)

Hey guys, here’s a recap of our first meeting for everyone who wasn’t able to make it or who needs a refresher! I know it’s long but it has all the relevant information about this season in it! What does BUST do? All levels BUST IS ALL LEVELS. We have members that have never ridden […]

Meeting Reminders 1/15

Happy Spring Semester BUSTies. The best thing about spring semester… is it’s winter, so it’s time to shlarp the gnar. Or whatever you want to call it. It was great to see so many of you out at our first meeting of the semester on Wednesday, keep it up because when you don’t come, we […]

Season Reminders

What’s up BUSTies? Things are getting real out on the snow so we want to make sure that you guys are all set to have the most stellar season. Think of this as a checklist, if you don’t have all of this done – LET US KNOW! We’ll make it happen. 1. Pay Dues 2. […]

Snowriders Urban Sessions: Boston

Have you ever wanted to watch some snowboarding while simultaneously looking at Fenway Park? Snowriders is here to make it happen. If you haven’t heard of the Snowriders, you should definitely check them out – they’re three brothers who also happen to be BUST alum and really like us, which only happens when you were […]

Meeting Reminders 11/20

Hey BUSTies, Here’s your emails updates in blog form! 1. Dryland: TONIGHT (Tuesday) in the SAC gym – same place as last time – at 7pm. Come out, we may even have some surprises for you (but those also might be a surprise to us…) 2. Snowriders: For all you 21+ kids, Snowriders is hosting […]

Meeting Reminders 11/12

Just in case you don’t like to read emails, or they don’t get to you until next week…. Here’s some food for thought for tomorrow’s meeting: 1. Passes: THERE’S STILL TIME! But we’re running out of it, so if you want the discounted rate, bring a credit or debit card to this week’s meeting. 2. […]

Crash Reel Screening @ BU

Wondering why Kevin Pearce and Lucy Walker are going to be at BU on Thursday? BUST is teaming up with HBO, Society of Professional Journalists, BU’s really great brain research program, and a whole bunch of others for the screening of HBO’s Crash Reel. Directed by two-time Academy Award nominee Lucy Walker, this HBO documentary […]

Ski and Board Expo

It’s getting chilly out, which means its time to suit up… But are you worried your gear might be out of style? Or maybe you’re worried because you don’t have any gear at all? New Boots? Broke your board? We have an answer for everything: Boston’s Annual Ski and Snowboard Expo! Everything is super marked […]

Think Thank

Come hang with us next week in the Kenmore Classroom Building at 565 Commonwealth Ave in Boston, we’ll be showing the newest Think Thank movie: Brain Dead Heart Attack. It’s premiering this week, but we have the next best thing: a classroom auditorium filled with your favorite BUSTies and people off the street. The moive […]