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Meeting Reminders 1/15

Happy Spring Semester BUSTies. The best thing about spring semester… is it’s winter, so it’s time to shlarp the gnar. Or whatever you want to call it. It was great to see so many of you out at our first meeting of the semester on Wednesday, keep it up because when you don’t come, we […]

Season Reminders

What’s up BUSTies? Things are getting real out on the snow so we want to make sure that you guys are all set to have the most stellar season. Think of this as a checklist, if you don’t have all of this done – LET US KNOW! We’ll make it happen. 1. Pay Dues 2. […]

Meeting Reminders 11/20

Hey BUSTies, Here’s your emails updates in blog form! 1. Dryland: TONIGHT (Tuesday) in the SAC gym – same place as last time – at 7pm. Come out, we may even have some surprises for you (but those also might be a surprise to us…) 2. Snowriders: For all you 21+ kids, Snowriders is hosting […]

Meeting Reminders 11/12

Just in case you don’t like to read emails, or they don’t get to you until next week…. Here’s some food for thought for tomorrow’s meeting: 1. Passes: THERE’S STILL TIME! But we’re running out of it, so if you want the discounted rate, bring a credit or debit card to this week’s meeting. 2. […]

Sigh of Relief aka Winter Break

What up BUST? Just wanted to remind you that the Barnes and Nobles fundraiser is the day before classes start on Tuesday, Jan 12! Try to make it back for a couple hours to help us out. We don’t need you all day, but we’ll need people there all day. Van Certification class is Tuesday, Jan. 19 from […]

No Meeting Dec. 16!

Hey BUST, Here is the final email of the semester! 1) No meeting tonight, next meeting is Wed. Jan. 13 2) Sending out a reminder email with proform stuff! 3) If you are picking up your pass at Stratton or planning on going to a different mountain over break: make sure to pick up a stamped […]

Dec. 8 Email

Hey BUST, Come to the Meeting on Wednesday! It’s going to be a short but informational meeting that will start at 9pmbecause we know you all have exams and papers 1) AGGANIS FUNDRAISER FRIDAY! 2) Trip sign up for Jan. 17, bring $10 (cash only), you can only sign yourself up. There really aren’t exceptions unless you have […]

BUST things you should know

Yo BUST! Friday December 11, 2009 9pm Agganis Arena We’re cleaning up Agganis after the hockey game to raise money for the team so that we can have more snowboarding, more events, and more fun! It’s essential that you’re all there! Our first trip is Jan. 17th and sign-ups for the trip are this Wednesday. Bring your […]

Season Pass Forms Due!

1.  Season Pass Forms are DUE WEDNESDAY! No exceptions. You can pay with check, money order, or everybody’s favorite credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex)!!! Its $295 (with tax) made out to Stratton Mountain. 2. Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo this weekend from Thursday to Sunday. Its always a lot of fun! Check out our Facebook Event for […]

BERN Fit Night! Come Wednesday!

Wednesday the guys from BERN are coming to do a FREE HELMET FITTING! They’re the pros, they know how a helmet is supposed to fit. Do your head a favor and come to the meeting. Concussions aren’t fun. Team workout at the new time of 12pm at Fitrec if you’re interested! We’re also going to be […]