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Some more videos

BUST – March 21 BUST – take 1 February BUST – Okemo

Videoooo- Riding at Stratton

Support Us!

Hey BUST, alumni, family, and friends, Do you want to support your team? You can! All you have to do is go to the link at the bottom of this post. You can send us money by credit card online or by sending a check in the mail. Under the “My Gift Information” section, in […]

Splash- the pictures you forgot we took of you

Making the stickers look fly. Thanks thirtytwo and BERN! Everything you need: Chill hat, posters, Nationals bib, sign up sheet. There are a ton of people here! Representin’ the BERN cap Andrea snowboards on turf Holding up signs so people can see. Katie really loves BUST Have more pictures? Send them to

Some Pictures from the Picnic

Should’ve added these sooner.


Hey BUSTies, Everyone had a great time at Stratton this past weekend. The US Open was going on. Erica said hey to Shawn White.¬†Katie was jealous. But we also¬†saw Anti Autti rock the slopestyle event. We got some free stuff. But the riding was pretty good. It was a perfect day. Then all of a […]