Joining BUST

Hi Friends.

We need you to get these three things done if you are joining the team. The Season Pass Link is coming soon by email.

In order of importance:


-Only fill this out if you plan on paying dues within the next couple days

-This will only take a couple seconds, please do this now! Like the last email said, sorry about having two links, this one has two questions club sports wanted us to have added. If you filled out the old one you need to fill this one out too.



Club Dues-Go to MyFitrec:

-Under the “Adult Programs” drop down menu select “Sports”

-Search by “Club Sports”

-There you will find Club Snowboarding which is 95$.

-Please double check that you selected club snowboarding and then press add to cart. You should be prompted to log in and then it will take you to the checkout.



Health Forms- Athletic Screening, Incoming Health, and Consent to Treatment


1. Follow this link to access the Patient Connect system: the GREEN arrow labeled “Log on to Patient | Connect”

3. Agree to the Terms of Use; click “I agree to these terms of use.”

4. Login using your BU login and Kerberos password 5.  On the home screen, click “Forms” in the left-hand navigation bar.

6. Click the new athlete form. Complete the form, making sure to answer all questions and give descriptions to “YES” answers

8. Click “Submit Final” at the bottom. (You may also click “Save Partial” and complete at a later time).

BUST 2015-2016 first meeting recap (9/16)

Hey guys, here’s a recap of our first meeting for everyone who wasn’t able to make it or who needs a refresher! I know it’s long but it has all the relevant information about this season in it!

What does BUST do?

All levels

BUST IS ALL LEVELS. We have members that have never ridden before to people who are competing at nationals. If you’re a beginner, we will have a coach that will help you out. You do not have to compete to be on the team.

Sunday trips

During the season, we go to one of the mountains on our season pass each Sunday. We leave campus early and take a PeterPan type bus up to the mountain (pretty comfy). Once we get to the mountain, you can ride with us and basically do whatever you want until the bus leaves! Very laid back and chill day.

Competitions and Nationals

This year we will be competing through the organization USASA in their Massachusetts series. When you pay your dues, up to 3 competitions are included for no extra cost (transportation and lift tickets). Competitions usually start in early January and usually pop up at least once a week. You can choose between competing in slopestyle, boardercross, halfpipe, rail jams, or slalom racing.

If you do well enough at competitions, which all of those of you who end up competing likely will, you will qualify for Nationals in April and possibly get a free trip to Colorado to compete. We will be sending as many people as we can afford and will be choosing priority based on national rankings from USASA.  We will announce during meetings and by email what competitions are coming up so you can sign up at the meetings.


We are also going to be setting up dry land practices at some point sin the near future so stay tuned for that.


BUST also loves our community and giving back so we volunteer with an organization called Chill.

Basically, for 6 weeks during the winter you go up one day per week (last year you could choose either Tuesday or Wednesday. We usually leave BU around 3:30pm and when we come back depends on what people want to do that day.

The mountain gives us a pass and while you’re volunteering you ride with the kids and are a mentor to them. You’re there to be an example for them, to cheer them on, and give them some little pointers.

Once Chill is done, the group volunteering decides if they want to ride a little more or head back to BU.

BU Club Sports provides us with vans so we have transportation to the mountain.

Van Certifications


Other trips

We also do some other longer trips throughout the year. We’ll talk about them more at meeting!


Club Sports Dues and Forms

A link to collect dues online through the BU Fit Rec website is incoming! We’re still waiting on approval from PERD. Be on the lookout for when the dues link goes live; we’ll also have a computer set up at future meetings so you can do it in person.

Everyone needs to fill out medical forms from BU’s website. Log in to your account, click forms, and make sure you’re fully up to date on everything. (Athletic Screening, Incoming Health, and Consent to Treatment)

1. Follow this link to access the Patient Connect system:

  1. Click the GREEN arrow labeled “Log on to Patient | Connect”
    3. Agree to the Terms of Use; click “I agree to these terms of use.”
    4. Login using your BU login and Kerberos password 5.  On the home screen, click “Forms” in the left-hand navigation bar.
    6. Click the new athlete form. Complete the form, making sure to answer all questions and give descriptions to “YES” answers 8. Click “Submit Final” at the bottom. (You may also click “Save Partial” and complete at a later time).


Season Pass

This year, our season pass this year will be to MOUNT SNOW AND STRATTON!!! With all the BUST discounts, the pass will be $350. If you think about it, a day pass to Mount Snow costs 90$ so if you plan on riding 3.89 times or more then you’re breaking even! In order to buy this pass, you must be on our roster.


If you are new to riding or just need new gear we highly recommend getting your gear at the Ski and Snowboard Expo in Boston in November. They have super duper discounted gear and it’s super worth it. I got new bindings and boots for half the price of what I could have gotten them for anywhere else. There’s also some sweet swag and Andrew got a free pass to Killington once.


Capture the Flag

Our annual event, Cappy the flag, will be happening October 3rd. More info to come.

Ski and Snowboard Expo

November 12th- 15th at the Seaport World Trade Center.

We usually go as a team towards the beginning so we get better picks (12th or 13th). It costs 15$ to get in which again, is worth it if you need gear because of the crazy discounts.

More info about that soon!

Boston Winter Film Festival

The team also goes to the Boston Winter Film Festival in the beginning of October (dates TBD) but it’s so fun and a great way to get stoked for winter. More info coming soon as well.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

Our next meeting will be the same time, same place. Wednesday, CAS B50, 9PM! We’ll have the info for paying dues and buying the season pass!

Hope to see you next week!



Meeting Reminders 1/15

Happy Spring Semester BUSTies. The best thing about spring semester… is it’s winter, so it’s time to shlarp the gnar. Or whatever you want to call it. It was great to see so many of you out at our first meeting of the semester on Wednesday, keep it up because when you don’t come, we just look like losers. Anyway, in case you missed it or just forgot, here’s what’s going on for the week!

1. FIRST TRIP of the semester Sunday 1/19. Check the facebook group for bus departure times. When in doubt, call one of the officers! Hopefully you signed up at the meeting and paid us $10. If you didn’t, make sure you bring it on the bus with you, because we’re more aggressive than we look.

2. Competitions: Not sure when you’re competing? Not sure if you’re competing (hopefully not)? Any questions about competing, talk to Josh.

3. CHILL: There’s still time to become a CHILL volunteer! So if you want to do something good while snowboarding and you have time on Tuesdays or Wednesday afternoons for the next six weeks…you should do this! Find out more at and talk to Helen for more deets. (Or just shoot us an email). You will generally leave campus around 3:30 to drive to Wachusett Mountain and be back in boston around 10pm.

4. Team Bonding: See the facebook group for more info on all of our fun team bonding activities.

5. FACEBOOK: You’ll notice I keep telling you to check the facebook group. If you’re thinking, oh hey, I don’t know what facebook group that is, maybe you should let us know. We use that to share most of our information so shoot us an email and let us know if we still need to add you!


Season Reminders

What’s up BUSTies? Things are getting real out on the snow so we want to make sure that you guys are all set to have the most stellar season. Think of this as a checklist, if you don’t have all of this done – LET US KNOW! We’ll make it happen.

1. Pay Dues
2. Fill out Medical Forms (Consent to Treat and Online Medical Questionnaire): link to the online form here:
3. Buy Season Pass: Make sure you get the discount code from us at the meetings. If you can’t make it to the meetings, let us know!
4. Upload photo to your account on Killington’s site
5. Pick up pass: If you’ve been notified by Medina that she has your pass, then find her. If she doesn’t have your pass then it will be printed at the mountain. To be safe, go to the BU Registrar’s office and get a proof of enrollment letter so that the mountain won’t give you any trouble when giving you the discounted pass.
6. Shred!

Other stuff to remember so that you’re super prepared for the awesome season ahead: Next Meeting – Wednesday December 4. Don’t miss it, it could change your life.

Snowriders Urban Sessions: Boston

Have you ever wanted to watch some snowboarding while simultaneously looking at Fenway Park? Snowriders is here to make it happen.

If you haven’t heard of the Snowriders, you should definitely check them out – they’re three brothers who also happen to be BUST alum and really like us, which only happens when you were once one of us. So because they love snowboarding, and Boston, they’re bringing us a rail jam right in our back yard. Here’s the skinny:

WHAT: Snowriders Urban Sessions – Boston
WHEN: Saturday November 23 7pm-2am
WHERE: Who’s On First by Fenway
HOW: the event is 21+ (sorry kiddos), tickets are on sale now


So maybe you can watch some stellar riding and enjoy some beverages – but buy a ticket ahead of time and you get a free lift ticket to your choice of Killington, Okemo, Pico, or Sunapee (sounds a lot like our pass, huh?)…AND they’re giving away tons of free swag and chances to win some new gear – trust us, they always deliver.

You won’t want to miss this Winter Kickoff Party. And of course, you can find some of your fellow BUSTies there, so if you’re looking for someone to have a blast with, don’t be shy!

Meeting Reminders 11/20

Hey BUSTies,

Here’s your emails updates in blog form!

1. Dryland: TONIGHT (Tuesday) in the SAC gym – same place as last time – at 7pm. Come out, we may even have some surprises for you (but those also might be a surprise to us…)

2. Snowriders: For all you 21+ kids, Snowriders is hosting a super cool rail jam this Saturday night at Who’s on First down in Fenway. Get your tickets now, because it will sell out! for more info, click here

3. FIRST TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re trying to set something up for the first weekend after thanksgiving, come to the meeting for more details, but bring those boards back to Boston and get ready to SHRED!



Meeting Reminders 11/12

Just in case you don’t like to read emails, or they don’t get to you until next week….

Here’s some food for thought for tomorrow’s meeting:

1. Passes: THERE’S STILL TIME! But we’re running out of it, so if you want the discounted rate, bring a credit or debit card to this week’s meeting.

2. Pictures: If you still haven’t uploaded a picture to your account on Killington for your season pass…please do that ’cause we’re getting passes printed!

3. EXPO: Need some new gear? Buy your discounted tickets to the ski and snowboard expo here:

We’re going as a team Friday November 15 – meet in Marsh Plaza at 5pm

4. The Crash Reel: This Thursday (November 14) BUST is teaming up with some other awesome on campus groups and brain researchers to screen HBO’s The Crash Reel. Doors at 6, movie starts at 6:30 followed by a panel/mingle sesh with Kevin Pearce, Lucy Walker, and others.

Check out the trailer here:

and the facebook event:

5. Medical Forms: Keep checking in on the medical forms on this link –

1. Follow this link to access the Patient Connect system:
2. Click the GREEN arrow labeled “Log on to Patient | Connect”
3. Agree to the Terms of Use; click “I agree to these terms of use.”
4. Login using your BU login and Kerberos password 5.  On the home screen, click “Forms” in the left-hand navigation bar.
6. Click the new athlete form. Complete the form, making sure to answer all questions and give descriptions to “YES” answers 8. Click “Submit Final” at the bottom. (You may also click “Save Partial” and complete at a later time).



Crash Reel Screening @ BU

Wondering why Kevin Pearce and Lucy Walker are going to be at BU on Thursday? BUST is teaming up with HBO, Society of Professional Journalists, BU’s really great brain research program, and a whole bunch of others for the screening of HBO’s Crash Reel.

Directed by two-time Academy Award nominee Lucy Walker, this HBO documentary tells the story of an escalating rivalry between snowboarders Kevin Pearce and his nemesis Shaun White in the run-up to the 2010 Olympics that leaves Shaun on top of the Olympic podium and Kevin in a coma following a training accident in Park City, Utah. Kevin’s tight-knit Vermont family flies to his side and helps him rebuild his life as a brain injury survivor. But when he insists he wants to return to the sport he still loves, his family intervenes with his eloquent brother David speaking for all of them when he says, “I just don’t want you to die.” Kevin’s doctors caution him that even a small blow to the head could be enough to kill him. Will Kevin defy them and insist on pursuing his passion? With his now impaired skills, what other options does he have? How much risk is too much?

Lucy Walker, Kevin Pearce, and Dan Daneshvar, a postdoctoral researcher in behavioral neuroscience at the BU School of Medicine, will be in attendance. They will hold a Q&A after the event fielding questions from the audience about the film, the experience, and BU’s involvement in the strides that have been made in the Traumatic Brain Injury field.

Location: Boston University Law Auditorium

Time: Thursday, Nov. 14th @ 6-9pm

Ticket Info:

***Event is Free to all BU Students!

Facebook Event:

Check out the trailer!

Ski and Board Expo

It’s getting chilly out, which means its time to suit up…

But are you worried your gear might be out of style? Or maybe you’re worried because you don’t have any gear at all? New Boots? Broke your board? We have an answer for everything: Boston’s Annual Ski and Snowboard Expo!

Everything is super marked down East Coast Alpine is having a killer sale, not to mention plenty of other winter outfitters. And there’s tons of free swag to go around.

When: Thursday November 14 – Sunday November 17; Check the website below for times.
Where: Seaport World Trade Center
200 Seaport Blvd
Boston, MA 02210
Tickets: $12 (there’s a coupon on the website for $2 off) buy here:
How: Get there with the T, take the green line to the red line to the Silver line. If you’re coming from BU that goes a little something like this:

1. Green line to Park Street
2. Red Line to South Station
3. Silver Line to World Trade Center
4. Walk around for a while until you find it

Worried you’re going to get lost? That’s ok, because you probably will, it’s kind of a hike. Fortunately, all of us BUSTies who have made the trek alone in years past are happy to guide you.

BUST will be taking a group trip on Friday November 15. We’re leaving from Marsh Plaza at 5pm. Be there or…good luck.

For more information or to buy tickets (hint: there’s a coupon on the website for $2 off a ticket!) click here.

Think Thank

Come hang with us next week in the Kenmore Classroom Building at 565 Commonwealth Ave in Boston, we’ll be showing the newest Think Thank movie: Brain Dead Heart Attack.

It’s premiering this week, but we have the next best thing: a classroom auditorium filled with your favorite BUSTies and people off the street.

The moive starts at 6:30, but we’ll be having a ball before then (but not before 6) so come get a good seat. And bring your friends, even if they don’t go here.

Here it is again –
When: October 25, 2013 @ 6:30
Where: KCB 565 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA

And it’s free so that’s cool. Check out the trailer below!


“Think Thank is Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack” Teaser from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.