Boston University def. Northeastern 6-3, Now 8-1

Introductions by Head Coach Brian Donovan and Co-Captains Ben Bunjapamai and Jacob Roscoe

Despite losing #4 Map Teeravithayapinyo to injury for 3 months, BU picked up the win against Northeastern 6-3.

In close matches that went to 4 or 5 sets each, Ben Bunjapamai defeated Dennis Brinkworth at #1. #2 Jacob Roscoe, #3 Lu Quan Tan, and #4 Asa Tyler lost in close matches. Jack Chambers, Humzah Mahmood, Paulo Damoura, Allan Chen, David Scott, and Arush Sabharwal (#10 exhibition) all won by scores of 3-0. Omid Maalizadeh also picked up his first win of the season at the #11 exhibition spot.

BU Squash is now 8-1. After defeating #31 MIT and #30 Northeastern twice, Boston University, ranked #48 in preseason, should make a huge jump in the rankings next month.

1. Chaiyatat Ben Bunjapamai(BU) def. Dennis Brinkworth(NEU) 11-4,11-9,8-11,11-7

2. Greg Berson(NEU) def. Jacob Roscoe(BU) 3-11,11-6,3-11,11-8,11-5

3. Stan Berenshtein(NEU) def. Lu Quan Tan(BU) 11-7,11-1,8-11,11-5

4. Keith Sproat(NEU) def. Asa Tyler(BU) 7-11,11-7,8-11,11-3,11-2

5. Jack Chambers(BU) def. Louie Sitwell(NEU) 11-3,11-6,11-6

6. Humzah Mahmood(BU) def. Phil Huntley(NEU) 11-4,11-8,11-6

7. Paulo Damoura(BU) def. Alex Scott-Barrett(NEU) 11-4,11-8,11-5

8. Allan Chen(BU) def. Daniel Hsu(NEU) 11-4,11-1,11-1

9. David Scott(BU) def. George Ughetta(NEU) 11-3,11-1,11-2

10. Arush Sabharwal(BU) def. Brandon Poulin(BU) 11-3,11-6,11-5

11. Omid Maalizadeh(BU) def. Daniel Hsu(NEU) 11-6, 11-6, 11-3


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