Sunday’s NESSA Figure Meet

We had our first meet this past Sunday: the NESSA figure meet. 9 swimmers competed: 7 in D figures and 2 in C figures. Everyone did extremely well. Now we are preparing for our home meet, Jan. 28-29. We will be hosting some of the best collegiate teams in the country! Feel free to watch us.


2 thoughts on “Sunday’s NESSA Figure Meet”

  1. First meet of the season! Congrats girls! What were the results? Did any terriers make the podium? Who’s swimming which level? I miss it/y’all so much!!

  2. C figures: 7th Mandie, 8th Bena
    D figures (all BU, 1st-7th): Emily P, Marie, Sahana, Leah, Emily K, Maura, Madina

    Thanks Ellen! We miss you too!

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