High School Chemistry Day, 3rd Annual

BUWIC is excited to announce the 3rd Annual Chemistry Day at Boston University on Friday, May 6th, 2011. Students from local Boston high schools will visit BU’s campus to learn about chemistry and try their hands at experiments in BU’s very own undergraduate laboratories. Chemistry Day will feature:

  • Short chemistry “demos” by graduate students in their real-life lab settings
  • Student participation in laboratory exercises with grad. student supervision
  • Tours of the campus and the chemistry department’s facilities
  • Discussion with undergraduate and graduate students about academic and professional pursuits in the sciences
  • Outdoor BBQ in front of Metcalf Center for Science and Engineering

BUWIC and Chemia have been involved in outreach development with Boston Community Leadership Academy (BCLA) and Brighton High School for the entire spring semester. Under the direction of post-doctoral fellows, Seann Mulcahy and Katie Frato, the outreach program sends BU chemistry undergraduates to BCLA and Brighton HS to tutor, teach and lead labs in the classroom. BUWIC and Chemia have also extended their “outreach arms” to The English High School (Jamaica Plains) and Fenway High School (Boston) in previous semesters. Both organizations will continue to volunteer at these schools during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Photos from Chemistry Days Past…


If your lab is interested in performing a volunteer demo OR if a graduate student is interested in guiding small groups around the campus, please contact BUWIC’s President, Sarah Soltau: ssoltau@bu.edu.

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