In 2010, BUWIC extended its outreach arm to Boston Comm Leadership Academy (BCLA) and Fenway High School, while continuing outreach at The English High School. A few times per month, a group of BU undergraduates volunteered at these three local schools, teaching labs, leading chemistry demonstrations, tutoring and assisting teachers.


BUWIC outreach curriculum (10th grade chemistry) was created and distrubted by Rosemary White (’10) and Susan DeSensi (’09), Postdoctoral Fellows in the Chemistry Department. Rosemary and Susan also interacted with teachers, organized the BUWIC outreach schedule and provided all materials for BUWIC labs.

Labs to Download (2010).
1. Acids & Bases
2. Titrations
3. Buffers
4. Gas Laws
5. Chemical Reactions


Cynthia Brossman, Administrative Director of LERNet, put Rosemary and Susan in contact with the local schools. Cynthia was also BUWIC’s lead contact in 2009, when the Outreach Program launched with The English High School.

THE FUTURE (2010-2011)

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To become a volunteer, email:  buwicofficers@gmail.com


BU Today Outreach Article

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