BU 2-0 after beating UMass

BUWRFC went up to Amherst to take on UMass on September 29th.  Play was a little out of order after waiting for a no-show referee and battling the rain.  After the UMass  coach changed into sir attire, the match began.

BUWRFC pumps themselves up before kickoff.

Points were disappointingly put on the board early by UMass within the first half, but BU, quick to realize their flaws, was able to make a turnaround during the second half and ultimately outscored the opposition 15-12.

Scrum, scrum, scrum.

Flyhalf Dee Nash (SAR ’14), scrumhalf Christine Moyer (CAS ’14) and wing Kendra Lenz (CFA ’13) each contributed a try, lifting their cleated feet through the slippery mud to touch the ball down.

Captain Kiera Vinson (CAS '13) breaking through a tackle.

This is the second league win for BU.


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