Four Leafs Champions!


The team kicked off the spring season by traveling down to New York City to compete in the 10th Annual Four Leaf 15s Tournament, hosted by the Village Lions on Randall’s Island on March 23rd.

The team fared chilly conditions and brutal wind to take down their competition, going up against Fordham University, Swarthmore College, Temple University, and SUNY Buffalo, only allowing two tries throughout the entirety of the tournament.

BUWRFC first took on Fordham, starting their day of wins with a final score of 33-0. Alex Hubelbank (SAR ’15) touched the ball down twice, while Noel Coleman (SAR ’16), Dee Nash (SAR ’14), and Emma MacDonald (CAS ’13) made it to the try zone once each. Nash converted four of her five kicks.

Next, the team went up against Swarthmore, ending the game 36-0. Chloe Faroux (XNG ’13), Hubelbank, Coleman, Kyra Murray (SMG ’16), Paige Stathopolous (CGS ’14), and Kiera Vinson (CAS ’13) each crossed the ball into the try zone. Nash made two of her four conversions, Hubelbank made one, and Eva Ciccodicola (SAR ’15) just missed getting the ball between the posts.

When the whistle blew at the end of BU’s game against Temple, the score was 12-0, after Coleman and Kendra Lenz (CFA ’13) each scored a try. Nash converted one of her two kicks.

Lineout against Temple.

During the finals, BUWRFC ended their match against SUNY Buffalo 15-10 with Coleman and Hubelbank each scoring a try, as well as Nash successfully kicking a drop goal and getting her kick through the uprights for one of her two conversions.

The team posing with the trophy!

Congratulations on starting the season off with a win, especially all the rookies who stepped up and played with the A-side for the first time! Also, important to note that Noel Coleman scored a try each game, wonder how long she can keep that record going!


Players of the Tournament:

(1) Noel Coleman

Hometown: Henrietta, NY

Major/School: Athletic Training/Sargent College

School Year: 2016

Why you think you won the award: “I worked really hard during the off-season and I think that really gave me the ability to step up and make some decisions and make some runs that I wouldn’t have been able to do last season.”

Anything else you want to add: “Swaggy.”

Note: She’s an honorary Hawaiian.

(2) Deanna Nash

Hometown: Grafton, NY

Major/School: Athletic Training/Sargent College

Why you think you won the award: “Finally being semi-consistent kicking for points.”

Anything else you want to add: “I pick my nose.”



(1) Kiera Vinson

Hometown: Hotlanta, GA

Major/School: Political Science/College of Arts & Sciences

School Year: 2013

Why you think you won the award: “I stopped a girl from scoring a try by tackling her with my face…I guess you could say I wasn’t afraid to tackle a girl with a larger physique and applied all the defensive tactics we’ve learned in practice.”

Anything else you want to add: “Beast is ours.”


(2) Ashley Teamer

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Major/School: Painting & Sculpture/College of Fine Arts

School Year: 2013

Why you think you won the award: “I try to commit 100% to tackles and rucks. And by commit I mean knock people out of the way.”

Anything else you want to add: “I love my team and I love rugby!”


Abby posted on April 3, 2013 at 6:21 am

Congratulations guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You da besssssttttt mangggg(s)

BU Women's Rugby posted on April 3, 2013 at 1:03 pm

Thanks, Abby! Wish you could make it to the Alumni Game, but we know you’re doing great things in Korea! Hope to see you soon!

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