BU takes on Tufts for a 3 Game Scrimmage

After competing in Four Leafs the week before, BUWRFC was amped to take on Tufts University on March 30th for a 3 game scrimmage held on Nickerson Field.  The first two periods were 30 minutes long, with the third being only 20. The first period consisted of A-side, while the second and third were strictly B-side.  This scrimmage was a great opportunity for new ruggers to get some playing time and a chance to have players try out new positions.

The first period was primarily played in Tufts’ half, with Alex Hubelbank (inside center; SAR ’15) scoring four times, Emma MacDonald (wing; CAS ’13) using her speed to get into the try zone twice, Noel Coleman (second row; SAR ’15) bulldozing her way for a try (she’s scored each game so far this season),and Lauren McCormack (second row; COM ’14) and Paige Stathopolous (8-man; CGS ’14) touching the ball down once each.  Flyhalf Deanna Nash (SAR ’14) made five of her nine conversions, ending the period with a final score of 60-0.

The second period fared a little differently in terms of field space.  The rookies played strong offensively, but it wasn’t enough to get the ball to the tryzone.  The final score was 0-15 Tufts.

The third period, our newest ruggers held Tufts out of our zone for a final score of 0-0.



Players of the game:

(1) Celeste Hamre

Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Major/School: Psychology/Public Health, KHC/College of Arts and Sciences

School Year: 2016

Why you think you won the award: “I really stepped up training during the off season, focusing on my sprinting and upper body strength. I was getting frustrated last fall for not being able to make the hits I wanted, and after working on it for a few months, I was ready to get out there and go for it. It was really nice to see how directly my lifting and running interval routines impacted my game performance and game confidence.”

Anything else you want to add: “Meow.”

(2) Gretchen Cathcart

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Major/School: Film and TV/College of Communication

School Year: 2016

Why you think you won the award: “Because I took all my anger about Ryan Gosling taking a break from acting out on the other team.”

Anything else you want to add: “BC sucks!”


Keep on ruckin’, BU!

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