The B-Line Rivalry

On April 7, BUWRFC was ready to take on Boston College on Nickerson Field for a little Terrier/Eagle rivalry. Head Coach Hildebidle encouraged each member on the team to give everything they had in this game, noting that BU had been unsuccessful in outscoring BC in the two years he’s been head coach. BUWRFC took this to heart, planted their “hate trees” and played the match they way they wanted to – by winning. Noel Coleman (second row; SAR ’16) and Aubrey MacGill (prop; ENG ’13) excelled as key factors when going into contact, barreling through defensive lines and any opposition that attempted (and failed) to get in their way. BU’s newest scrumhalf, Alex Lawson (CAS ’16) showed that hard work pays off, using her previous high school knowledge as a flanker to make it into rucks, with the assistance of flyhalf Deanna Nash (SAR ’14), who exemplified that not only forwards go into rucks. Coleman (who has kept her streak of scoring at least once each game) and Alex Hubelbank (inside center; SAR ’15) each scored twice, while Nash, Xa Hopkins (hooker; CAS ’13), Izzy Zehner (outside center; COM ’14), Paige Stathopolous (8-Man; CGS ’14) and Kiera Vinson (Captain, fullback; CAS ’13) contributed a try each. Nash made three of her right conversions through the uprights, while Hubelbank found success in her single kick. Final score: 53-5.



Player of the Game:

(1) Noel Coleman, A-side

Hometown: Henrietta, NY
Major/School: Athletic Training/Sargent College
School Year: 2016
Why you think you won the award: “I didn’t stop for their defense; I took the ball and when I went down and placed the ball, I did it on my own terms.”
Anything else you want to add: “No diggity.”

(2) Natalie Silvia, B-side

Hometown: Pawtucket, RI
Major/School: Hearing and Speech Therapy/Sargent
School Year: 2016
Why you think you won the award: “I worked hard in implementing what I have been learning in practice and applying it to the game.”


(1) Aubrey MacGill

Hometown: Allentown, PA
Major/School: Statistics/CAS
School Year: 2013
Why you think you won the award: “I tackled the bejesus out of an unsuspecting BC player.”
Anything else you want to add: “I don’t know how to lift ass-side.”
*In her four years of playing, she’s only lifted in the front pod for lineouts. You can teach an old dog new tricks!
Nice work, BU!

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