The Beast


A team favorite, The Beast of the East Tournament was held in Portsmouth, RI from April 20th-21st.

BU ruggers first went up against URI with new scrumhalf Alex Lawson (CAS ’16) scoring her first try for the Terriers and flyhalf Dee Nash (SAR ’14) completing her kick. Final score 7-0.

The second game faired even better with Noel Coleman (SAR ’15), Alex Hubelbank (SAR ’14) and Paige Stathopolous (CGS ’16) each scoring a try against Syracuse and Nash making two of her three kicks. Final score 19-5.

Second day of the tourney, BUWRFC played Northeastern with Coleman, Stathopolous, Lisa Cardone (CAS ’13 – her first try!), and Chloe Faroux each touching the ball down for a try. Nash made three of her four kicks for a final score of 26-7.

For the championship game, BU took on Radcliffe to an upsetting finish. Captain Kiera Vinson scored the only try with Radcliffe answering with an immediate try and clean conversion. Final score 5-7.


Players of the Game:

Noel Coleman and Dee Nash


Emma MacDonald and Aubrey MacGill

Taking on Familiar Faces

This past Saturday, the team booted up to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Women’s Rugby club at Boston University. BUWRFC played against old teammates and players from the past, challenging their own rugby knowledge.  The match fared good conditioning just a week before heading into our favorite tournament, the Beast of the East.

The team posing with alums after the game.

The team cleaned up after the match and met for a social, shared songs and memories thanks to a slideshow put together by President, Ashley Donahue.


Thanks for all the planning Bonnie Johnson, Ashley Donahue, and Lauren McCormack. Can’t wait until next year’s match!

The B-Line Rivalry

On April 7, BUWRFC was ready to take on Boston College on Nickerson Field for a little Terrier/Eagle rivalry. Head Coach Hildebidle encouraged each member on the team to give everything they had in this game, noting that BU had been unsuccessful in outscoring BC in the two years he’s been head coach. BUWRFC took this to heart, planted their “hate trees” and played the match they way they wanted to – by winning. Noel Coleman (second row; SAR ’16) and Aubrey MacGill (prop; ENG ’13) excelled as key factors when going into contact, barreling through defensive lines and any opposition that attempted (and failed) to get in their way. BU’s newest scrumhalf, Alex Lawson (CAS ’16) showed that hard work pays off, using her previous high school knowledge as a flanker to make it into rucks, with the assistance of flyhalf Deanna Nash (SAR ’14), who exemplified that not only forwards go into rucks. Coleman (who has kept her streak of scoring at least once each game) and Alex Hubelbank (inside center; SAR ’15) each scored twice, while Nash, Xa Hopkins (hooker; CAS ’13), Izzy Zehner (outside center; COM ’14), Paige Stathopolous (8-Man; CGS ’14) and Kiera Vinson (Captain, fullback; CAS ’13) contributed a try each. Nash made three of her right conversions through the uprights, while Hubelbank found success in her single kick. Final score: 53-5.



Player of the Game:

(1) Noel Coleman, A-side

Hometown: Henrietta, NY
Major/School: Athletic Training/Sargent College
School Year: 2016
Why you think you won the award: “I didn’t stop for their defense; I took the ball and when I went down and placed the ball, I did it on my own terms.”
Anything else you want to add: “No diggity.”

(2) Natalie Silvia, B-side

Hometown: Pawtucket, RI
Major/School: Hearing and Speech Therapy/Sargent
School Year: 2016
Why you think you won the award: “I worked hard in implementing what I have been learning in practice and applying it to the game.”


(1) Aubrey MacGill

Hometown: Allentown, PA
Major/School: Statistics/CAS
School Year: 2013
Why you think you won the award: “I tackled the bejesus out of an unsuspecting BC player.”
Anything else you want to add: “I don’t know how to lift ass-side.”
*In her four years of playing, she’s only lifted in the front pod for lineouts. You can teach an old dog new tricks!
Nice work, BU!

BU takes on Tufts for a 3 Game Scrimmage

After competing in Four Leafs the week before, BUWRFC was amped to take on Tufts University on March 30th for a 3 game scrimmage held on Nickerson Field.  The first two periods were 30 minutes long, with the third being only 20. The first period consisted of A-side, while the second and third were strictly B-side.  This scrimmage was a great opportunity for new ruggers to get some playing time and a chance to have players try out new positions.

The first period was primarily played in Tufts’ half, with Alex Hubelbank (inside center; SAR ’15) scoring four times, Emma MacDonald (wing; CAS ’13) using her speed to get into the try zone twice, Noel Coleman (second row; SAR ’15) bulldozing her way for a try (she’s scored each game so far this season),and Lauren McCormack (second row; COM ’14) and Paige Stathopolous (8-man; CGS ’14) touching the ball down once each.  Flyhalf Deanna Nash (SAR ’14) made five of her nine conversions, ending the period with a final score of 60-0.

The second period fared a little differently in terms of field space.  The rookies played strong offensively, but it wasn’t enough to get the ball to the tryzone.  The final score was 0-15 Tufts.

The third period, our newest ruggers held Tufts out of our zone for a final score of 0-0.



Players of the game:

(1) Celeste Hamre

Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Major/School: Psychology/Public Health, KHC/College of Arts and Sciences

School Year: 2016

Why you think you won the award: “I really stepped up training during the off season, focusing on my sprinting and upper body strength. I was getting frustrated last fall for not being able to make the hits I wanted, and after working on it for a few months, I was ready to get out there and go for it. It was really nice to see how directly my lifting and running interval routines impacted my game performance and game confidence.”

Anything else you want to add: “Meow.”

(2) Gretchen Cathcart

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Major/School: Film and TV/College of Communication

School Year: 2016

Why you think you won the award: “Because I took all my anger about Ryan Gosling taking a break from acting out on the other team.”

Anything else you want to add: “BC sucks!”


Keep on ruckin’, BU!

Four Leafs Champions!


The team kicked off the spring season by traveling down to New York City to compete in the 10th Annual Four Leaf 15s Tournament, hosted by the Village Lions on Randall’s Island on March 23rd.

The team fared chilly conditions and brutal wind to take down their competition, going up against Fordham University, Swarthmore College, Temple University, and SUNY Buffalo, only allowing two tries throughout the entirety of the tournament.

BUWRFC first took on Fordham, starting their day of wins with a final score of 33-0. Alex Hubelbank (SAR ’15) touched the ball down twice, while Noel Coleman (SAR ’16), Dee Nash (SAR ’14), and Emma MacDonald (CAS ’13) made it to the try zone once each. Nash converted four of her five kicks.

Next, the team went up against Swarthmore, ending the game 36-0. Chloe Faroux (XNG ’13), Hubelbank, Coleman, Kyra Murray (SMG ’16), Paige Stathopolous (CGS ’14), and Kiera Vinson (CAS ’13) each crossed the ball into the try zone. Nash made two of her four conversions, Hubelbank made one, and Eva Ciccodicola (SAR ’15) just missed getting the ball between the posts.

When the whistle blew at the end of BU’s game against Temple, the score was 12-0, after Coleman and Kendra Lenz (CFA ’13) each scored a try. Nash converted one of her two kicks.

Lineout against Temple.

During the finals, BUWRFC ended their match against SUNY Buffalo 15-10 with Coleman and Hubelbank each scoring a try, as well as Nash successfully kicking a drop goal and getting her kick through the uprights for one of her two conversions.

The team posing with the trophy!

Congratulations on starting the season off with a win, especially all the rookies who stepped up and played with the A-side for the first time! Also, important to note that Noel Coleman scored a try each game, wonder how long she can keep that record going!


Players of the Tournament:

(1) Noel Coleman

Hometown: Henrietta, NY

Major/School: Athletic Training/Sargent College

School Year: 2016

Why you think you won the award: “I worked really hard during the off-season and I think that really gave me the ability to step up and make some decisions and make some runs that I wouldn’t have been able to do last season.”

Anything else you want to add: “Swaggy.”

Note: She’s an honorary Hawaiian.

(2) Deanna Nash

Hometown: Grafton, NY

Major/School: Athletic Training/Sargent College

Why you think you won the award: “Finally being semi-consistent kicking for points.”

Anything else you want to add: “I pick my nose.”



(1) Kiera Vinson

Hometown: Hotlanta, GA

Major/School: Political Science/College of Arts & Sciences

School Year: 2013

Why you think you won the award: “I stopped a girl from scoring a try by tackling her with my face…I guess you could say I wasn’t afraid to tackle a girl with a larger physique and applied all the defensive tactics we’ve learned in practice.”

Anything else you want to add: “Beast is ours.”


(2) Ashley Teamer

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Major/School: Painting & Sculpture/College of Fine Arts

School Year: 2013

Why you think you won the award: “I try to commit 100% to tackles and rucks. And by commit I mean knock people out of the way.”

Anything else you want to add: “I love my team and I love rugby!”

Pre-Season Practice Schedule

Tuesday: 9:45 – 11pm at the TTC (skill focus; optional)

Thursday: 8:30 – 9:30 at the TTC (fitness focus; optional)

Sunday: 7 – 9pm at the TTC (mandatory)


Tentative Spring Practice Schedule

Mondays and Thursdays: 5:30 – 7am Team Practice, 7 – 7:20am Captain led fitness on Nickerson

Tuesday: Backs Practice, 9:45 – 11pm at the TTC

Thursday: Forwards Practice, 8:30 – 9:30pm at the TTC

The Daily Free Press uncovers “peculiar” sports on campus

The student-run newspaper talks about BU students using sports as a way to get involved in the community, highlighting women’s rugby as an “unusual” but rising sport within club sports.

2013 E-Board!

Congratulations to the newly elected e-board!


Ashley Donahue (SAR ’14)

Vice President

Dee Nash (SAR ’14)


Erin Deadmon (CAS ’15)

Match Secretary

Alex Lawson (CAS ’16)

Public Relations/Fundraising

Lauren McCormack (COM ’14)


Izzy Zehner (COM ’14)

Social Chair

Noel Coleman (CGS ’15)

Field Secretary

Natalie Silvia (CAS ’16)

BUWRFC Fall Season Wrap Up

September 8th and 9th: Third Place in the Beantown Tournament.

September 15th: 47-5 win against Northeastern.

September 29th: 15-12 win against UMass Amherst.

October 6th: 19-3 win against UConn.

October 14th: 20-5 loss against BC.

October 20th: 77-0 loss against Norwich.

October 27th: 24-15 loss against URI.

BU goes 3-3 in league games and fourth overall in NERFU, qualifying for play-offs.

November 3rd: 75-5 loss against Norwich.


BU takes on Norwich during playoffs

The team traveled to Vermont, to play against Norwich for the second time this season.

BU travels to Vermont. (Photo by Ashley Teamer)

Despite the cold conditions, the effect of the playoff curse, BU came together to give everything they had against Norwich.  Throughout the entirety of the game, BUWRFC showed their unwillingness to give up, standing up to the physicality of the game and matching the speed and strength of their opponents.  Boston University celebrates being the only team to score against Norwich this season. Special recognition to Alex Hubelbank (SAR ’14) for powering through to the try zone. TERRIER PRIDE!