Natural Resource Social Scientist

*Job Location*: Silver Spring, MD
*Start Date*: January 1, 2011
*Where To Apply*:

*Responsibilities: *
Seeking a Natural Resource Social Scientist to support the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Center for Coastal Monitoring
and Assessment (CCMA), Biogeography Branch. The successful candidate
will work with a research team investigating community aspects of
well-being associated with coastal ecosystem health and the provision of
ecosystem services, as well as support other projects on a variety of
topics within the Biogeography Branch. The position will have the
following core responsibilities:

1. Provide research support to projects in one or more of the following
topical areas: well-being indicator development; the social or economic
dimensions of coastal and ocean activities, use, values and preferences;
competing human use of coastal and ocean resources; or valuation of
natural resources or ecosystem services;
2 .Conduct and draft comprehensive literature reviews to support
research projects;
3. Identify, evaluate, acquire and manage existing, secondary data
and/or data sets;
4. Participate in the design and execution of primary data collections;
5. Evaluate, clean and statistically analyze social science and other data;
6. Assist with preparation of reports and journal articles describing
the results of analyses;
7. Assist with other project-related tasks and duties as needed.

*Essential Qualifications: *
Master’s degree in sociology, economics, human/social geography,
demography, anthropology or similar discipline;
Research experience beyond the requirements for academic training;
Demonstrated interest in the social and economic dimensions of coastal
and ocean ecosystems, natural resource use and management, and/or
environmental policy and planning;
Demonstrated experience conducting social science research related to
natural resource issues and topics;
Demonstrated experience finding, cleaning, preparing, analyzing, and
interpreting social science data using appropriate statistical techniques;
Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing;
Attention to detail with outstanding organizational and time-management
skills; and
Ability to work efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision, as
well as part of a research team.

*Preferred Qualifications:*
Experience using ArcGIS to conduct analysis and produce maps;
Experience conducting predictive modeling of human behavior, resource
use patterns, values, and/or preferences in a coastal or ocean context; or
Experience conducting valuation studies of ecosystem services or natural
resources in a coastal or ocean context.

*Where to Apply*:

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