Poisoned for Profit design project


The project: To design, develop, customize and launch a Facebook Group to serve a network of parents and scientists collaborating on actions to get rid of the enormous burden of environmental toxins in our everyday lives.

The background:  Following the publication of Poisoned for Profit: How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill, a book I co-authored with my husband Philip, many parents and researchers began to email us wanting to talk about these issues further.  We found that environmental toxins are the trigger of the enormous rise in childhood chronic disorders, including autism, birth defects and cancer.  Our website www.poisonedforprofit.net describes the book and our findings.

Because of the strong response, I am planning to set up a network, probably as a Facebook Group, where parents, scientists and others concerned with these issues can discuss their own stories and, when sufficiently organized, collaborate on how to act, as citizens, to change the situation.  It would be a variation of the Arab spring use of electronic networking.  My technological skills are, however, nil.

I am looking for a student with an interest in environmental issues and a good grasp of computer-based applications to assist me.  The work goes beyond setting up the site, to planning its mission, creating a campaign using social media to publicize it, creating mechanisms to filter out spam, modifying the Facebook Group model to include some unusual features, such as a hyperlink to a website of resources, and collaborating on improvements as the network gets up and running.

Alice Shabecoff


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