Northeast Energy Efficiency Parnterships Internships Available

NEEP, or Northeast Energy Efficiency Parnterships also has internships available, but they are unpaid. Both seemlike great opportunities!
For either one, paid or unpaid, you can consider getting anywhere from 1
- 6 credits, if you find any CAS faculty member willing to oversee your
Typically if a student does a summer internship, they apply for the
Directed Study in the Fall, so it’s builtin with the tuition. Becareful
not to overload if you’re not a
senior, or have under a 3.3 GPA (There’s aoverload fee waiver form on-line).

Ceres Internships are available for September

Ceres Internships are available for September, Spring semester and the summer, and pays $12/hour!


Poisoned for Profit design project


The project: To design, develop, customize and launch a Facebook Group to serve a network of parents and scientists collaborating on actions to get rid of the enormous burden of environmental toxins in our everyday lives.

The background:  Following the publication of Poisoned for Profit: How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill, a book I co-authored with my husband Philip, many parents and researchers began to email us wanting to talk about these issues further.  We found that environmental toxins are the trigger of the enormous rise in childhood chronic disorders, including autism, birth defects and cancer.  Our website describes the book and our findings. Read More »

U.S. DOT Job Opportunity at RITA: Community Planners

The Research and Innovative Technology Administration seeks several *Community Planners* to join the *Transportation Policy and Planning Technical Center* (RVT-20) of the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (Volpe Center). Located in Kendall Square area in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Volpe Center plays a unique role in looking across the transportation enterprise by applying its multi-disciplinary capabilities to anticipate future transportation issues and challenges across all modes of transportation. These positions are based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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Energy Market Innovations – Research Manager

The Research Manager position is a unique career growth opportunity, working in a highly entrepreneurial environment, with a firm that is assisting utilities and public agencies across the United States as they ramp-up programs to meet aggressive energy efficiency targets.  The ideal candidate is a mid-level career professional with solid, applicable research experience and strong academic training.  This position will be embedded at our client site in Jackson, MI and will serve as the primary liaison between the client and EMI project staff for multi-year evaluation and market research of commercial sector energy efficiency programs.  In this capacity, the Research Manager will support the overall client relationship and will serve as a key member of the overall project management team. Read More »