Listen to the This I Believe essays of your group members.
For each one, answer these questions. Send your answers to the writer AND to me.
1. What does the writer believe in?
2. Give at least one reason/example the writer uses to support his/her belief.
3. Were there any sections that were difficult to understand? If so, explain where (eg in the middle where you talked about
being in high school.)
4. If you had problems understanding, which of these do you think caused the breakdown of communication? (Circle as
many as apply.)
a. It was hard for me to understand the speaker’s accent at times.
b. The speaker spoke too quickly.
c. The speaker spoke too softly.
d. The essay itself was a bit confusing.
e. The writer used words I am not familiar with.
f. Other ___________________________________________________________
g. I’m not sure.