Taylor: Got News?

New Year. New Students. New Roles. NEWS…is the first word that enters my mind in the morning and sweeps my dreams at night. Radio has become a silent killer taking over every aspect of my heart. I am the news director for the student-run campus radio program WTBU (which recently won Station of the Year at the College Radio Awards). Having this responsibility is really turning my college experience into something that I will never forget.

WTBU offers live shows everyday with a variety of music and commentary that are insanely humorous and enlightening. Participating in this organization has furthered my passion for broadcast and I continue to learn more and more.

Radio has a weird yet remarkable ability to resurface thoughts and ideas through sound. With an incredible staff of dedicated show hosts and interns WTBU is able to produce weekly shows attainable online and by radio connection.

As news director I am in charge of all of the news-based shows and I also host WTBU News, which airs Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 6-8pm. The evening shows doesn’t solely focus on news coverage, we also feature guest that run the gamut from politicians to actors and professional experts. My semester highlight so far involves a phone interview with Doritos Super Bowl Challenge Finalist Ben Callner, creator of “Goat for Sale.”

I couldn’t be more excited about the shows, coverage, and guests ahead!

Peace, Love, & News.


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