Kaitlin: A Yoga Summer

It’s been quite the busy summer, and I really love it! I spent the entire month of May in San Francisco completing my second yoga teacher training and it was absolutely the best experience I’ve ever undergone. I learned a ton and truly began to step into myself as a teacher! Now I’m back home on Long Island teaching several classes a week and even leading some Stand Up Paddleboarding tours on the Sound! I know, my life is paradise.

But perhaps the coolest part of my summer is that I get to do some public relations work for my home yoga studio! As some of you may already know, an internship is required for all PR majors, so I decided to apply what I’ve learned to a job that I know I’d love.  I talked to my boss about potential PR work that I could do for her business, got it approved with Professor Quigley, and voilà- the most ideal summer job. Not only am I in an environment I’m quite obsessed with, but I’m also adding a lot of experience and material to my resume and portfolio while earning college credit!

So, you might have a ton of time before you even want to think about interning (and that’s okay), but when you do, make sure you work hard to settle into a place that you’ll know you’ll enjoy working in. Here are a few things I considered when finding my internship spots:

1. Am I interested in the work that is being done? For me, deciding on this internship was easy. I’m a yoga teacher, and I love yoga, so it was pretty much fate. You might not get this lucky all the time, but seek opportunities that you really want to get involved in!

2. Does this agency/business/etc align with my ethics? It’s really important to try to work at a place that not only does business you’re interested in, but one that does it in a way that you’ll be proud to be a part of.  Make sure you agree with the work you’re going to get yourself into!

3. Will I get paid? I know no one really likes to talk about money, because it’s awkward and you want to prove to a supervisor or boss that you’re so passionate about your work that you’d be willing to do it for free, but alas it is really important. Value yourself as a worker, and recognize that you deserve to be valued by other people. Of course, it’s not so common for internships to be paid, but if you can find one that you’re interested and is in line with your ethics, go for it.

No matter what you get into for a job or internship, do your work and do it well. Really use everything you learn in class and apply it! Your hard work will be recognized, and there’s no way you’d regret it.


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