Taylor: What Does the Grad Say?

Before coming to BU, software like Final Cut, the Adobe platforms, Avid, and ProTools were all foreign. Editing was not something that I would have immediately volunteered as tribute for. Writing for online and broadcast are skills that completely contradict my pre-college learnings. One of most valuable in-house tools that COM offers daily is the assistance of graduate students. Here are top ways to spot a Grad student (not creepy):

1. The COM Writing center, located in the basement, has nearly a dozen tutors awaiting the arrival of students interested in perfecting their writing craft. Whether you are working on a film script, press release, or a news article the room has someone happily ready to offer assistance.

2.  COM has tons of applications installed on the computers located in labs throughout the building.  Tip: It would behoove you to checkout the tutorial times of graduate students and other TA’s that are available for guidance.

COM offers a lot of opportunities for students to connect with peers, faculty, alumni, and graduate students…MAKE USE OF THE RESOURCES AVAILABLE!


– Taylor


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