Zach: How To Make Your CAS Focus Apply to Your Cool COM Major

So, I’m sure all you freshmen/potential are freaking out about what the CAS focus is? Well, in short, is a series of 3 classes in CAS in any subject. A lot of the time, people turn that into a minor, given that CAS minors are usually 5-6 classes. You really can do anything. It’s really freeing. As free as a COM major can be, being able to pick another subject to delve into a little bit is also cool. I have a love affair with Spanish, and I knew going in to college it would be my minor. However, I did not realize how much it would intertwine with my TV studies.


First, I took classes that interested me and related to my career. So far, I’ve taken a Spanish Through Performance and Theatre, and Spanish Film & Media. Both related, pretty obviously, to my major. In my Spanish theatre class, we would do improv (woohoo!) and write plays in Spanish. They didn’t have to be perfect, but they did help me improve my Spanish a lot. In that class, I got an introduction to Spanish Films. That class was so enjoyable that I then took Spanish Film. We took in depth works that ranged genre’s and also the body of work of Alejandro González Iñárritu. It broadened my understanding of the stories being told and introduced me to a genre I really love: magic realism.


This upcoming semester, I plan on taking the next step. I will be studying abroad in Madrid, and I hope to intern while I’m there. I would love to work on a telenovela or Spanish news broadcast. While I won’t be studying in a COM specific abroad program, I will be applying my Film & TV major abroad. I hope to completely invest myself into watching Spanish television to get an understanding of what people are watching outside the US, and what from the US they are watching.


This blog post tbh is just me geeking out because I love Spanish and I love TV, find a CAS focus that you love, and the connections with your major will follow.

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