Jen: Remember that Green Day Song About Having the Time of Your Life?

Even though I do not want to admit it (because I don’t want to make it real), I am currently in my last semester in Boston. It wasn’t until today that I realized just how close the end of the semester is. I saw that I only have one month (!!) left in Boston before I go abroad for the summer and then in the fall for my last ever college semester. As spring is being sprung, and my Boston bucket list is still unchecked, I’m trying to knockoff a lot of the things that I have still yet to do in the city. Some of my bucket list is simple, like going to a concert at Paradise Rock Club. Some of it is ridiculous, like getting to know the person who plays Wally at Fenway Park and knowing the real life of being a mascot for a professional sports team.

Although I spend a lot of my time reflecting what I haven’t done, I remember all of the cool things I did do. I will remember all internships, best friends, roommates, nights in ordering pizzas, group chat names, midnight movies, cans of seltzer and all-nighters pulled in Ezratti like they were yesterday. Like the time I…

…saw every one of my favorite bands at all of the Boston Calling Music Festivals I’ve been to.

…ran my first ever half marathon through the city and the Franklin Park Zoo on probably the rainiest day I ever witnessed!

…played Settlers of Catan with some of my best buds until 12:30am at the Knight Moves Cafe in Brookline! (Spoiler Alert: I lost and did not have enough sheep throughout the game).

…went to Sarasota, FL with my best friends (and had a impromptu wedding with CA Sam Gross).

…appeared on Pop Showdown!, where I sadly lost against CA Kreag (okay, I lost by five points, but I’m not bitter)(really)(I am not).

…survived the Snowpocalypse with CA Claudia.

…decided to go to Revere Beach on the coldest, windiest day in May but still danced in the sun like it was July.

…held movie nights and talked way, way, WAY too much about pop culture and movies (specifically, movies about cats) with Sonia! We also ate way, way, WAY too much pizza and ice cream.

…spent a whole summer in Boston and working with orientation with the one, the only, CA Rachel (here we are with Twenty One Pilots tour buses).

…had two classes, two jobs, and too many group chats and seltzers with Kreag and Claudia.
So, if you’re like me and you’re rushing to complete all of the things you’ve ever wanted to do in Boston and at BU. Do not forget to stop and just remember all of the things you have done. Be sentimental and cherish all of your friends and your memories every day. Remember, what you’re going to do is important, but what you have done is even more special.

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