Brady: Studying in the City of Champions: Why college students must experience Boston sports

On Sunday, February 3rd, the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl in the last 18 years, ending a 98-day drought since Boston last won a championship – just over three months ago, the Boston Red Sox were victorious in their fourth World Series of the 21st century.

Both championship titles sent students across the city into a wild state of euphoria, celebrating online and in the streets. But these aren’t students who have been Boston sports fans all their lives. These are students from all over the country, and for that matter, all over the world. So why are these fans all so consumed with a championship for a city they aren’t even from?

The answer to this question is actually quite straightforward. Simply put, when you study in Boston, you become a Boston sports fan. That is, if you let yourself become one.

Of course, there are the diehard fans from rival cities that will never be converted. But for most students, the interest in Boston sports is infectious. Once a student gets a taste for the perfect mix of history, passion, and success that makes this city’s sports scene so special, they can’t help but become a part of it.

Boston sports attract supporters from the full range of interests and experiences. There are the baseball buffs who have waited their entire lives to visit Fenway Park. There are the first-time fans just following the recommendations of others. Whether you are a seasoned sports veteran who has never had any interest in athletics, Boston sports have something for everyone.

I don’t have much convincing to do for the current sports enthusiasts out there, but for you newcomers out there, I understand your concerns. It’s hard to sit through a four-hour baseball game, or try to comprehend a sport you’ve never witnessed before. As strange as it may sound, throw yourself into the fire. Experience it once, and give it a chance to draw you in.

But let’s say you really can’t bring yourself to watch a game. Well, you’re lucky, because Boston sports extend beyond the stadium. If you so much as stroll around Fenway Park, for example, you will see the fans, smell the concessions, and sense the spirit of a game day at the ballpark. Just by being in the area, you will be a participant in the Boston sports scene.

You could be studying anywhere in the world, but you ended up here in Boston, arguably the greatest sports city in the world. Not only that, but you are also here at exactly the perfect time. The teams are championship-caliber, the city is buzzing after two titles, and the venues are just a walk or train ride away from your campus.

One cannot truly experience of this city without getting involved in its sports scene, so regardless of your previous interests or expectations, get out there and embrace the unparalleled excitement and excellence of Boston sports!

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