Steven: Why you should live on the COM floor

There’s rarely a quiet moment in Warren Towers 11C, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

A hidden gem in BU are its specialty community residence floors. When I applied for housing in the summer before Freshman year, I checked off a box that I’d be interested in specialty housing for the College of Communications. I didn’t realize it then, but that decision has had a HUGE impact on my time at BU so far.

Through the COM floor I’ve discovered so many opportunities, made lifelong friends, and had countless unforgettable experiences. So when you’re trying to decide where to live during your first year on campus, I’d highly recommend you check off that box. Here’s why.

1. Your neighbors become your best friends.

The COM floor gives you the unique opportunity to become best friends with the people you live with. Before coming to BU, I was worried that the other students on my floor would never be more than strangers. But I’m happy to say that my neighbors are some of my closest friends!

2. There aren’t just COM kids!

Surprisingly, the COM floor does not only have COM students. There are premed students, political science majors, and even a few who are undecided. Because of this, there is always a diverse range of perspectives and ideas!

3. Movie nights are a common occurrence.

Living with Film & Television students has its perks. Movie nights happen almost every weekend, and there are always in depth conversations about shot composition, lighting, and sound. Last weekend we watched Call me by Your Name (we cried).

4. There are always new opportunities to get involved.

The residents of 11C are always moving and staying active all around BU. Friends on my floor are involved in COM driven clubs like BUTV10, WTBU, and The Daily Free Press, as well as Stage Troupe and BU On Broadway, two theater organizations on campus.

This semester, I even started a radio show on WTBU with friends from my floor. It’s called sadboi hours, and we play music that gets us in our feels. (Check us out on WTBU on Sundays from 12-2AM!)

5. There’s always someone available to help on a project.

Whenever I have trouble on a project, I can look across the hallway and find someone ready and willing to help out. Production assistants are never far away!

There you have it! Living on the COM floor has been a great experience so far and I’d highly recommend it. So take a chance and check that box!

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