Anna: A Letter to First-Semester Transfer Me.

As a new student, there are a few things I wish someone had told me before entering BU as a transfer student. This is a letter written to my younger self.

Dear first-semester me,

Welcome to BU and COM! You must be so excited for your new adventure as a terrier and I’m so excited for you to embark on this journey. Before you start, I want to remind you to stay true to yourself and though the journey in college may change and challenge you, remember to stay true to your values! I’m going to preface by saying that the journey of a transfer student is hard, but it is going to be worth it.

  1. It’ll take a while to feel adjusted to the BU lifegive yourself time!

Older you went into BU expecting that she’d find her new BFF right away. That’s not the reality. Remember to give yourself space and time to adjust. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Do one thing that challenges you every day and pushes you outside of your comfort zone. That’s what college is all about!

  1. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make some connections!

A BU professor once told me to think about it like thisin a few years, these people in your class will be your colleagues! Remember that everyone has to eat sometime, so why not reach out and ask them if they’d like to grab a meal? Connections are key. Don’t be afraid to reach out to professors for help either! Also in doing so, remember to be vulnerable because it’ll allow you to get more connected

  1. Be YOU!

I know that sounds cheesy and you’ve probably heard it a lot since entering BU…but the best way to find yourself in a new place is not by changing who you are, it’s by finding the right people who bring out the best in you! You are the best version of yourself. Remember, that joining a club or an organization, or taking a class is not going to change who you are because you are already perfectly you! You are going to find your community here by BEING yourself!

Younger me, take a deep breath! Everything will be okay. The transition to BU as a transfer student can be rough at times and tears are okay! In fact, they’re like battle wounds and stories that you can tell your future friends. When in doubt, take a deep breath. I am so happy that you are here and that you chose to spend the second half of your undergraduate years at BU! Remember to enjoy the moment too because you worked so hard to get heremake the most of it!


Second-semester you


P.S. Everything they say about Boston winter is also true. Invest in a good winter coat!!!!!

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