Natalie: How to make your dinky dorm feel like home

Whether you like it or not living in a dorm is a part of freshman year, and is not always comfortable to stylish.  However, there are simple and effective ways to add life and comfort to the brick box that is a Warren dorm.

Pictures, Please

Sometimes, you will get homesick. A great way to make the transition away from your friends and family easier is to keep their smiling faces in your day to day life by hanging pictures on your bulletin board or wall.  Using Target, Walgreens or CVS, pring some of your favorite pictures that remind you of home, and use sticky tack to create a collage on your wall above your bed. Not only is it a great way to remind you of fun memories from home, but it makes your walls much more exciting

Pops of Color

White brick walls aren’t cute.  Adding color to your walls will warm the space and add personality to your room, so you don’t feel like you are in a prison.  In addition to photos, posters, tapestries, and other wall art do a great job of making your room more dynamic. You can even hang up lights to brighten your room, or get colored lights for some extra excitement.

Little Library

I have loved reading since I was little, and find it is a great way to relax and escape the stress of school.  With a couple of bookends, you can keep some of your favorite books from home on your shelves for easy access. I only keep three or four in my room at a time, since dorms can get cramped, and change them out when I go home for breaks.

Stash Some Snacks

The dining hall get boring, and Uber Eats is expensive, so it is important to have some go-to snacks in your room.  Personally, I am always in the mood for Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Strawberry popsicles, so I always have a box (or four) of each in my room.  Don’t want to share with your roommate? Get a basket that fits on your selves to hide you treats, and keep things organized.

Flora & Fauna

To break up the dry white and beige color scheme in your dorm, add small plants to your window sill or desk.  Grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s often sell small potted flowers or succulents that are cheap and easy to maintain.  Can’t keep real plants alive? No cause to fret, craft stores sell fake plants that come in a variety of colors, and won’t die on you.

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