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When you’re in COM, your class schedule may not look packed, but I can assure you, between clubs, jobs, and the daily hustle of college, your schedule fills up quickly. Sometimes managing all these plans can be difficult, and slip ups will happen; sometimes you’ll forget to grab that lunch you had planned with a friend, and sometimes you’ll forget to write your blog post for COM Ambassadors (oops). Either way, you’re going to have to find a way to manage it all. Every person I know at BU has their own system of organization that works for them, so in my blog post today I’d like to share some useful tips and tricks to stay organized that I’ve learned so far during my time here at BU.

Get a calendar

If you get anything out of this blog post, let it be a calendar. Calendars are a way of living, and the only way I function. Everyone has their own preferences, whether it be a traditional print calendar or an online calendar like those offered by Apple and Google. Every class, club, work shift, and haircut of mine gets input into my Google Calendar. Without it, I would be an unorganized mess. Find what works for you, and commit to it!

Plan ahead

Give your calendar a good overview at the beginning of each week and at the end of each day. It helps you keep track of everything you are doing and what you will need for tomorrow. There’s no worse feeling than showing up to a photo shoot and forgetting an SD card! Looking over your calendar the night before can help prevent these mishaps and ensure you’re ready for every day!

Set reminders for small tasks

Need to get laundry in forty minutes? Have an assignment due at midnight that you need to start by 9 p.m.? Set yourself small reminders for short term tasks that might require a little nudge to do. Why remember to grab your laundry if Siri can do that for you? 

Don’t overbook yourself, and schedule “me” time

You think you can do it all. You can’t. While coordinating a day full of activities from 9am to 11pm may seem like a good use of your time, you will burn yourself out—quickly. I have been there, and every COM student I know has been there. Only do what you can, and try to schedule time for yourself; listen to music, watch Netflix, or do whatever relaxes you. This time will help you collect your thoughts, and will do much more good than that extra shot of  espresso you’re banking on to get through the day.

And there you have it! Stay organized, find what works for you, and remember that no matter what life throws at you, you can do it!

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