Lindsey: 5 Extremely Funny Movies You Need to Re-Watch (or watch)

This year, the most exciting social plans my roommates and I have are movie nights. With a year, where almost everything is canceled — restaurants, concerts, and college parties, it’s important that you still have fun and have a laugh every now and then.

My roommates and I created a list of movies called “Extremely Funny Movies We Must Re-Watch.” Most nights of the week, we pick a movie from the list, grab the popcorn, and all re-watch a funny movie together. Although nothing about this is revolutionary, it is a nice way to end each day and also have a good laugh (we all need it). 

 If you’ve watched these, it’s worth the re-watch. And, if you haven’t, you need to watch it. 

Here’s my top five:

  1. Bridesmaids 

    A classic funny movie, with a very talented cast. This one is definitely a cackle-worthy movie.

  2. Neighbors 1 & 2

    Seth Rogan and Zac Efron in the same movie is definitely worth your time. It’s rare that the sequel is as good as the first movie, but in this case, it is.


    Personally, this is my favorite movie. This movie will never not be funny. One of my roommates watched this movie for the first time last month, and she said, “I can’t believe I’ve lived my whole life without watching this, until now.”


    Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are so fun to watch in this movie as they grow their relationship together. It’s a Rom-Com, and very funny. 


    Zac Efron is on this list more than once, but it’s well deserved. Right now, this movie is on Netflix and it is very entertaining.  

Movies are always a great way to pass time and a fun way to bring people together. Even if you don’t have roommates, many of these streaming services, like Netflix have ways where you can watch something virtually with others. Give it a try!

If you’re looking for more movie recommendations, I’d love to share. Email me:



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