Avery: Favorite Escapes in Boston

The Best Outdoor Escapes in Boston

By: Avery Serven

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a few (strangely) warm days in Boston, and I’ve found myself wanting to spend more time outside to get some much-needed Vitamin D. With the pandemic, it’s definitely been tricky to find Covid-safe ways to connect with friends. One of my favorite ways to see people safely is meeting up outside while socially distanced. In honor of the recent warm weather, I’ve gathered a list of my favorite outdoor spots in the city to go to when it’s nice out. Grab a coffee or some takeout and make plans to go to one of these spots with a friend to safely hang out outside!

Amory Park   

Amory is my go-to when the weather is nice. The park is pretty big for the city, which leaves lots of green space for you to camp out with a blanket or towel. There are also a few picnic benches, which I always try to snag when I’m there. And an added bonus- you’ll find lots of friendly dogs at this park!

BU Beach

The BU Beach is a popular and easily accessible outdoor area for those who are living on campus. It’s right by Marsh Plaza, and has lots of green space as well as benches. Since it’s so centrally located on campus, it’s a great option for a meetup with your friends who may live on the other end of campus!

The Esplanade

The Esplanade is one of my personal favorites when I’m in need of some time outdoors. I love heading over on a sunny day with a good book and my hammock, which I hang between the trees that line the Esplanade so that I’m looking out on the Charles River. There’s even an area where you can sit on a dock directly on the Charles!

Boston Common

The Common is a classic outdoor spot for those who are looking for more large areas of green space in the city. It’s easily the biggest space on this list, with ample room for you and your friends to space out on picnic blankets. This area is especially beautiful when the weather is nice, with scenic views of the city. Side note- it’s another hotspot for dogs, so you’re sure to see some cute pups while you’re there!

Commonwealth Avenue Mall

The Commonwealth Avenue Mall is pretty close to East Campus, making it a great spot for BU students. It’s another beautiful and scenic area, with lots of benches and seating options. It’s also right by Newbury Street. With all of their food options, it’s a great place to bring your takeout without having to walk too far!

Hopefully this bit of nice weather lasts a little longer so you can try out some of these spots! Stay safe, and let me know if you have any suggestions for this list- I’m always trying to go to new areas! Contact me at averyms@bu.edu.

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